Which Baby Food Is Better: Nan Or Nutrilon

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Which Baby Food Is Better: Nan Or Nutrilon
Which Baby Food Is Better: Nan Or Nutrilon

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Many mothers, after losing breastfeeding, face a difficult choice: "What formula should I feed the baby?" Here it is necessary to listen to the opinion of experts. It is equally important to study consumer reviews.

Which baby food is better: nan or nutrilon
Which baby food is better: nan or nutrilon

Expert opinion

NAN baby food is a mixture that, in the opinion of pediatricians, has a rare set of protective substances. It is designed in such a way as to strengthen the immune system of the baby during the period of increased growth. This is facilitated by the presence of live bifidobacteria in the mixture, which are intended to improve the microflora in the intestines of the child.

Omega-3 fatty acid is added to Nan baby food for good development of eyesight and brain of a little person. It also helps protect your baby's immune system. In addition, the manufacturers sought to bring the milk protein of the formula as close as possible to the protein found in breast milk. Thanks to this, it is easily absorbed by the growing body. In addition, manufacturers have made sure that the child does not develop caries. For this, live lactobacilli are added to the dry powder, which become an obstacle to the reproduction of microbes that destroy tooth enamel.

The Nutrilon mixture contains prebiotics that support the intestinal microflora in a healthy state, reduce the likelihood of constipation and excess gas formation, and reduce the risk of allergies. It is also scientifically proven that "Nutrilon" contains a complex of minerals and vitamins, balanced in accordance with the needs of the baby's body. They contribute to the normal development and weight gain of the baby. And an improved set of fatty acids helps to increase intelligence.

No artificial formula can compare with breast milk in terms of composition, benefits and digestibility. It is scientifically proven that breastfeeding is the most beneficial for a baby.

Consumer reviews

On the forums, young mothers are actively discussing which infant formula is better: "Nutrilon" or "Nan". Some of them argue that the second formula is better absorbed by the baby from birth. One of the advantages they call is that the presence of protein in it is as close as possible to natural breast milk. Other mothers share their experience that the “Nutrilon” baby food, unlike “Nan”, did not cause allergies in their baby, while on the “Nutrilon” their child stopped experiencing colic.

However, none of the parents came to a consensus. Experienced mothers, as well as pediatricians, advise that the selection of an artificial mixture for a baby should be done strictly individually. What works for one toddler may not work for another. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the sensations, preferences and well-being of each particular child.

Having chosen a mixture, it is advisable to observe the behavior of the child, draw the appropriate conclusions.

If the composition of the product is not suitable, gradually it is necessary to transfer the baby to a new type of mixture and after a while compare the pros and cons of the two types of baby food we have tried.

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