Which Camp Is Better To Go For Summer Vacation

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Which Camp Is Better To Go For Summer Vacation
Which Camp Is Better To Go For Summer Vacation

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A three-month summer vacation is an opportunity not only to take a break from school, but also to go somewhere. Parents can send their child to a children's camp, where the child will have a great time and make new friends. Today there are many options for such a pastime.

Which camp is better to go for summer vacation
Which camp is better to go for summer vacation

All camps can be divided into seasonal, year-round and day camps. Geographically, they can be located in different regions; those located on the coast of the seas are very popular. There are health, sports, labor, linguistic, ecological, and developmental camps. When choosing a ticket, think over the purpose of the trip, sometimes it is useful to learn another language, develop leadership qualities, or even make money.

General health or sanatorium camps for children

You can combine pleasant pastime and treatment in special institutions. Their difference is that on the territory children can significantly improve their health. The complex of the provided procedures is usually indicated in the voucher, but they are appointed by the attending doctor. At the same time, children are under the supervision of educators and under the supervision of doctors. Usually, a health improvement program is drawn up for each visitor, which is then carefully carried out. Depending on the presence of diseases, different types of procedures are prescribed. All this contributes to the prevention of many diseases, the reduction of symptoms of existing diseases, the general strengthening of the body.

Labor camps

The labor camp is only suitable for children over 12 years of age. Usually the camp provides an opportunity not only to relax, but also to earn money. In the first half of the day, but not more than 4 hours a day, all children are engaged in some kind of work. In most cases, this is work in the fields, where seasonal assistance is needed. For this, each child receives a reward at the end of the month. Sometimes part of the money goes to pay off the cost of the voucher, the conditions are negotiated in advance before purchasing a place to rest for a shift.

Sports camp

Sports camps offer a large number of outdoor activities. Usually they are equipped with special grounds for different sports; many trainers of school and section teams prefer such places of rest. A trip to a place like this gives you the opportunity to have a good time, but at the same time improve your physical performance. Most of the events held are related to sports, competitions and achievements, while the team spirit is formed, the will to win.

Training camp

Training camps can be divided into two types: one for children with learning difficulties, others for those who want to learn something beyond the school curriculum. The second type of institutions offers to master some specific skills, for example, language skills, in a playful way. At the same time, a foreign language is often used in games, performances, and sometimes everyone around them speaks only the dialect that needs to be mastered. You can go to such a camp abroad, because hundreds of offers are available to everyone today.

It is better to decide which camp to go to in the summer together with the child and the parents. After all, vacations are a period of rest, and not every kid will agree to work or gain new knowledge. And when choosing a voucher, it is important to pay attention not only to the program for the participants, but also to the living conditions, as well as the educational staff.

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