How To Choose A Table Lamp For A Student

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How To Choose A Table Lamp For A Student
How To Choose A Table Lamp For A Student

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With the beginning of the school year, close attention should be paid to the organization of the student's workplace, in particular, lighting. A lot depends on the table lamp: the effectiveness of the work, the well-being of the child after its completion, etc. With a properly selected and installed table lamp, your child can be expected to perform well in their lessons. This is due to the fact that the eyes do not get tired with the right lighting, which means that the child does not overwork.

How to choose a table lamp for a student
How to choose a table lamp for a student


Step 1

Lamp shade The shape and color of the shade are of great practical importance. Lamps with a cone-shaped shade are preferable. Such a plafond has a narrow base and wide edges, so there will be maximum illumination. The color of the plafond should not be very bright, because a bright lamp will distract the child's attention from work. The best color for a shade is green. Green shades are non-distracting and allow the eye muscles to relax. Calm pastel colors are also good. The material from which the plafond is made is also important. Plastic shades are good, but with low quality plastic, they can begin to melt when the light is on for a long time. This creates a fire hazard. It is necessary to choose lamps from solid, thick enough plastic. Metal is often used to make lamp shades. It is fireproof and durable. But it has a drawback - it heats up, so your child may burn himself when he wants to fix the lamp.

Step 2

Lamp tripod Particularly well suited table lamp, which has a flexible leg with a rigid attachment to the table. In this case, the leg of the luminaire can be fully flexible or rotate on hinges in three planes. Fixing the lamp outside the working area can significantly increase the working space of the table. If the fixture is rigid, the luminaire will not fall. Using the flexible lamp leg, you can illuminate any part of the table without moving the lamp. It is desirable that the plafond is not transparent. It will direct a stream of light onto the table, and not blind the child's eyes. In order for the light from the bulb to be slightly diffused, the plafond must have a reflector.

Step 3

It is best to use a simple incandescent light bulb with a white matte finish in a table lamp for a child. This allows the use of a dimmer (rheostat) in the luminaire, which can adjust the power of the light source. That makes it possible to achieve the most correct and comfortable illumination of the table. Dimmers are not possible with energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.

Step 4

Lamp position The position of the table lamp on the table depends on which hand the child is writing with. To prevent the shadow from falling on the student's workplace, the lamp is placed on the table on the left when the child is "right-handed". And on the right, if the child is left-handed.

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