Choosing A Desk Lamp For A Desk

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Choosing A Desk Lamp For A Desk
Choosing A Desk Lamp For A Desk
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There should always be a desk lamp on the desk, otherwise how can you do your homework or sort out correspondence in the evenings? The choice of this item should be approached deliberately, the lamp should not only fit well into the interior, but also be practical.

A table lamp is an important attribute of a writing desk
A table lamp is an important attribute of a writing desk

According to the rules of sanitary standards, a children's desk should not only be located at the window, but also have an additional light source in the form of a table lamp. Even with very good overhead lighting, there will not be enough light when doing lessons in the evening. Therefore, you still have to buy a table lamp.

What should you pay attention to?

Stores that sell lighting fixtures offer a wide range of table lamps. They will differ not only in design, but also in design and installation methods. What to look for first?

On installation methods. Luminaires with any base are suitable for horizontal countertops. For desks with an adjustable inclination of the surface, it is better to purchase lamps with a rigid mount or on "clothespins". By the way, such lamps can be placed not only on the tabletop, but also outside the working area. This will expand your workspace.

Preference should be given to luminaires with a movable leg. With its help, you can significantly increase the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200blighting or illuminate any part of the table without rearranging the lamp. Mobility can be achieved through the flexibility of the leg material or the built-in hinges.

The plafond for a child's desk lamp must be made of an opaque material. This will help to create a directional stream of light, and the light will not shine into your eyes. The shape of the plafond can be any, it does not matter much. There should be a reflector inside, which diffuses light a little, expanding the working area.

You should take a luminaire that uses a conventional incandescent lamp or LED. It will be good if a rheostat is built into the device, which helps to regulate the light power. Energy saving and fluorescent lamps emit cool white light. It is unpleasant to the eyes and tiresome. This negatively affects the child's eyesight and performance.

In terms of design, it is desirable that the table lamp fit well into the interior of the children's room. Both you and your child should like the color and style of the lamp. The lamp can be simple or combined, without unnecessary frills, or with the addition of a clock and a glass for writing utensils..

Table lamp installation rules

1. For a right-handed person, the lamp is installed on the left side of the table, for a left-handed person - on the right.

2. The light source must be clearly directed towards the work area.

3. The light should not enter the child's eyes.

4. A 40-60 W light bulb is sufficient for lighting.

When studying by the light of a table lamp, you do not need to turn off the overhead lighting. Make sure that no shadow falls on notebooks and textbooks.

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