Lamp "Sun": Advantages And Disadvantages

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Lamp "Sun": Advantages And Disadvantages
Lamp "Sun": Advantages And Disadvantages

Video: Lamp "Sun": Advantages And Disadvantages

Video: Lamp "Sun": Advantages And Disadvantages
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Quartz lamps are designed for room disinfection and treatment using a stream of ultraviolet rays. One of the most popular and affordable models is the Solnyshko lamp, but in addition to its advantages, it also has serious drawbacks.

Sun lamp
Sun lamp

The "Sun" quartz lamp, with regular use, strengthens the immune system, compensates for the lack of vitamin "D" in the body, treats infectious and skin diseases, inflammation of the joints, disorders in the respiratory and vascular system. It can also cure baldness, sunburn or get rid of indoor dust mites.

Other names for the lamp are infrared, ultraviolet, UV, or germicidal lamp. When choosing, you should take into account the release model.


  • The OUFK 1 "Sun" lamp is a low-power small device designed for quartzing procedures for children of any age. To disinfect the entire room, it is necessary to rearrange it from place to place - for a room with an area of 12 sq. M. it takes 20 minutes.
  • Lamp "Sun" OUFK 2 - by increasing the lamp power, the device operates more stably and covers a large area. This model is not recommended for children under 3 years old and is suitable for adults.
  • The OUFK 3 "Sun" lamp is a real mini solarium, with which you can effectively sunbathe. Disinfection of premises is quick, for 12 sq. meters will take 12 minutes.
  • Lamp "Sun" OUFK 4 - is intended primarily for sanitizing premises from infections and viruses. Thanks to the C radiation spectrum, it is able to destroy all influenza viruses. Treatment of ENT diseases is also possible, but time and power should be accurately dosed, it is contraindicated for children under three years old.

Advantages of the "Sun" lamp

At a low price, the lamp really has a lot of advantages. It effectively copes with the mass of diseases, removing acute inflammatory and painful processes, destroying microbes and viruses. The lamp comes with a very detailed instruction, indicating the exact time of exposure. Includes several tubes for throat, nose, ears and gynecological diseases.

Lamp "Sun": disadvantages

Like many Russian devices, the lamp housing leaves much to be desired. Metal, no ground, boards and power cables are located right next to the metal walls. It is difficult to disassemble it, and even more difficult to assemble it.

The absence of a timer makes it not very convenient to carry out procedures. The slightest overdose of UV radiation can cause the mucous membranes to dry out and the disease will begin a new round.

It may be inconvenient that the "Sun" lamp, when turned on, creates serious interference with the operation of a TV or computer, sometimes even some devices stop working. Typically, these problems are caused by old electrical wiring.

The OUFK "Solnyshko" lamp gives a powerful flux of radiation that can harm the mucous membranes, therefore strict adherence to the instructions is required. For example, when turning on, turning off and receiving the procedure, you must wear special protective glasses. However, the set contains only one glasses, and they are not sold separately, so treatment of the child can be difficult.