School Desk: How To Choose

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School Desk: How To Choose
School Desk: How To Choose

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A writing desk is one of the most expensive purchases for a student. It is very important that the student's workplace is safe and environmentally friendly, because the child's health depends on its quality. In addition, when choosing a desk for a student, pay attention to convenience and functionality.

School desk: how to choose
School desk: how to choose

Workspace organization

Think about what functions the desk will perform, whether you need additional space for a computer or laptop, where books, textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies will be stored. Write down all the parameters you need.

If there is not too much free space in the apartment, be sure to estimate the maximum size of the desk.

According to the recommendations of doctors, the writing table should be more than a meter wide and more than 60 cm deep. The space under the table top should be at least 50x50 cm.For a child with a height of 110-119 cm, the recommended table height is 52 cm.If the child is 120-129 cm tall, the table should be 57 cm high.For a student with a height of 130-139 cm, the height of the desk should be 62 cm. For convenience, purchase a desk with adjustable legs.

Types of desks

The modern market offers a variety of desks: classic rectangular, angular, rounded, etc. One of the latest novelties is a transforming table. It is convenient in that it can be adjusted in height and tilt of the table top. Ergonomic desks can be placed in almost any corner, because they can be turned in any direction.

Most often, desks are equipped with drawers and bedside tables. Moreover, the more such elements, the more expensive the model. If you want the children's room to be made in the same style, get a school corner. It is completed not only with a table and side tables, but also with cabinets, shelves, and hinged shelves.

Writing desk material

The most environmentally friendly material for the production of furniture for children is solid wood. The natural wood writing desk is durable and easy to restore, so it can serve not only your children, but also your grandchildren.

The most popular material for cabinet furniture is particle board. Chipboard is made from compressed sawdust and resin. This material is considered the least environmentally friendly, so be sure to ask for a safety certificate of conformity.

Fiberboard or MDF is produced from fine wood chips by dry pressing. This material is not inferior to natural wood in terms of strength and environmental friendliness.

Some modern desk models are made of plastic and glass.

How to choose a chair

Sitting at the table, the child should reach the floor with his feet. To calculate the required chair-to-seat height, measure the length of your child's leg from foot to knee. It is very convenient if you purchase a chair from which you can adjust the height. However, you should not buy a swivel office chair - it will distract the student from the lessons.

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