How To Please A Girl

How To Please A Girl
How To Please A Girl

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Many young guys ask themselves questions: how to find a girl, to attract her attention. This aspect is built on the interaction between people, acquire several skills that will help you succeed in this area.

How to please a girl
How to please a girl

Demonstrating value

Non-verbal signs, external attributes of attractiveness - all this will give you a definite plus in attracting the opposite sex. Human psychology works like this: we are attracted by those whose potential value is higher than ours, those who can make us happier in many areas of life.

You don't have to have a ton of money, a perfect body, or an expensive car, but there are two traits that declare your worth more than others. You can get them without even having any talents or material wealth.

Social recognition

If there are many people around a person, he has a positive social impact, a feeling of his increased importance is created. That is, it will seem to you that he is better than the others, since everyone is drawn to him. If you want a girl to like you, show that other people can like you. Hone your social skills, improve your social interactions, it will help in other areas of life that will be just as important in building relationships.


Someone who exudes confidence through body language is automatically perceived as a person with a higher standard of living, more attracted to girls. People who have a lot of money show this unconsciously, since they already have reasons for this. In the case of an ordinary guy, you need to try to develop it, confidence will help in later life and when looking for a soul mate.

A confident person generally moves and speaks more slowly, in a relaxed manner. He knows that he is in control of his life, he is not so afraid to be vulnerable to the complexities of life. Human instincts in most cases do not allow one to behave in this way, it follows that those who were able to calm down and gain self-confidence are people who differ from others for the better.

Demonstration of desire

If you do not show your intentions to the girl, soon there will be a risk of going to the so-called "friend zone" - when she does not want to start a relationship with you in any way, she will either leave you as friends or stop communicating.

It is necessary to talk to the girl in person, as often as possible. Since body language, casual tactile touch will do the trick. Develop, become an interesting person - this will interest her, make her talk, make her spend a lot of free time with you, and not with someone else.

Don't be emotionally addicted

There is no person more repulsive than someone who is dependent on someone. If a guy cannot live without the object of his love, all his thoughts are focused only on this - this is a direct path to the fact that the girl will stop paying much attention to him, this is how gender psychology works.

So, in order to find a girl, you need to follow a number of rules that must be introduced into everyday life on a regular basis. Take it easy, become confident, achieve goals and develop your brain. In no case should you become so attached to a girl that your mood is based on how she feels. Do not hesitate and take the first steps!

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