How To Please A Girl Who Doesn't Love Me

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How To Please A Girl Who Doesn't Love Me
How To Please A Girl Who Doesn't Love Me

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The sympathy of a guy and a girl is not always mutual. It often happens that a guy falls in love unrequitedly. However, this situation is not a reason for worry, because you can find a way to seduce a girl.

How to please a girl who doesn't love me
How to please a girl who doesn't love me


Step 1

To please a girl who doesn't pay attention to you, you have to make sure to get in the same company with her. Maybe you have mutual friends and acquaintances who can arrange a meeting with you. When communicating with her, behave in a relaxed, self-confident manner. Try to be in the center of everyone's attention, tell jokes and jokes, smile. Be the life of the party. However, it is worth remembering that girls do not like vulgar or banal humor. Also, avoid silly phrases or boring compliments. If you tell a girl that she is very beautiful or looks great, you risk getting on the list of not too original and boring men.

Step 2

Remember, girls like guys who can listen as well as talk. If you become friends, and she decides to share some of her experiences with you, do not interrupt her, let her tell everything that she thinks and feels. Only after her monologue is over, you must explain your point of view to her about the whole situation. Support the fairer sex, give her some advice. If you did not like something in her behavior, you should not flatter and agree with her in everything. Girls feel lies and insincerity, so if you start expressing some displeasure directly, but gently, she will most likely appreciate it.

Step 3

Dating and pleasant surprises can awaken reciprocal feelings in your beauty. Arrange an evening together, go to the movies, ride horses or boat, visit any exhibition or planetarium. Present the girl with a beautiful bouquet. However, banal roses should be avoided. Better to give preference to tulips, daisies or other delicate flowers. Better yet. if you secretly ask her friends what kind of bouquets she likes. In addition, you can give your beloved a small gift. Guys very often give their soul mates teddy bears and hares, but this will not be original either. Better buy her an interesting soft toy as a present. Let it be a funny mouse or someone else.

Step 4

Do not forget about clothes, because people always pay attention to a person's appearance. Don't choose dark colors for your date. Better to give preference to a bright shirt and jeans. Remember, the first thing women look at when meeting guys are shoes and hands. Everything in your appearance should be neat and tidy.

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