How To Please A Boy Who Doesn't Love Me

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How To Please A Boy Who Doesn't Love Me
How To Please A Boy Who Doesn't Love Me

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First love often causes embarrassment and a little fear. When you have feelings for a boy, it's hard to hide them. I want to be together so that he reciprocates. But first you need to find out if the feeling is mutual, and if not, impress him and make him fall in love.

How to please a boy who doesn't love me
How to please a boy who doesn't love me


Step 1

Take care of yourself, emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. During adolescence, many unexpected body changes can occur. These include pimples on the face or rapid growth when you become taller than everyone in the class. There is no need to panic and give up on yourself.

Everything can be dealt with: there are special remedies for acne, and high growth should be emphasized and used as a virtue. Ask your mom, sister, or other relative for advice on how to look beautiful. Choose the right clothes, apply light makeup, and a beautiful hairstyle and well-groomed nails complete the look.

Step 2

Don't try to look older. Many girls try to attract the boy's attention with provocative clothes and bright makeup. But this behavior can look ridiculous, and the guy will be put off by such changes. Don't smoke or drink to make an impression and appear older than your age.

Step 3

Don't go after him and try to behave yourself. From an overabundance of feelings and hormones, girls in love often behave thoughtlessly - they pursue the object of love, and then run away and hide, bully or pester the boy. Learn to control yourself, you need to impress the young man. Boys will appreciate it if you are outgoing and have a good sense of humor.

Step 4

Share his interests. Find out the boy's interests, what he likes, dislikes, how he spends his free time and his favorite films. If you have similar tastes, let him know. When talking, touch this topic, and when he says that he likes to do it, offer to spend time together. For example, if a boy loves roller skating after school, join him. During a fun walk, you will get closer, and he will see you from the other side.

Step 5

Learn to flirt. But you need to do this carefully, practice beforehand at home so as not to look ridiculous. During breaks, look at him, and when he feels it and turns around, look away. Accidentally touch it when you walk by or pick up something nearby. Laugh at his jokes, support his point of view, and listen carefully when he says something.

Step 6

Ask for help. Forgot your pen? Ask him about a spare. On a difficult test, ask for advice, but only if he understands the subject. Ask for help if you are on duty at school and need to change water or raise chairs.

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