How To Cure A Lingering Runny Nose In A Child

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How To Cure A Lingering Runny Nose In A Child
How To Cure A Lingering Runny Nose In A Child
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Any meeting with viruses in the first place entails the appearance of a cold. It is almost never possible to get rid of it quickly. A runny nose that lasts for a week leads not only to headaches in the little man, but also pretty much spoils the nervous system of his parents.

How to cure a lingering runny nose in a child
How to cure a lingering runny nose in a child


Step 1

An excellent remedy for colds and runny nose at all times has been a Russian bath. Thanks to its many useful actions, it will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms in a couple of days. It would be nice if the steam room uses water with the addition of menthol or fir essential oils. The effect will be enhanced by the fact that before going to the bath with the child, smear the sacrum with a mixture of grated radish and horseradish at the rate of 1: 1. And after the bath, give your baby a mug of linden or elderberry broth, with a little juice from any sour berry.

Step 2

Aloe juice is a good remedy for the common cold. Four times a day, instill 3-5 drops in each nostril for the child and massage the wings of the nose after that. Also, iodine helps with chronic rhinitis. Mix 2 teaspoons of boiled water with 6-7 drops of iodine, instill in the morning and evening.

Step 3

It is necessary to lubricate the nasal cavity with iodoglycerin to enhance the function of the nasal glands. The first procedures must be performed together with a doctor, and only then at home. The probe with a cotton wool wound on it is inserted shallowly into the nasal cavity, and the necessary procedure is carried out.

Step 4

Various vasoconstrictor drops have a good effect. But do not abuse them, since with prolonged use, you become addicted to them, namely, the signs of a runny nose will return as soon as you stop digging into your nose. The use of aerosols (inhalation) also has a positive effect on the treatment of nasal congestion. Used pairs of plants such as calendula, peppermint, St. John's wort flowers. It is also just necessary to use drugs containing interferon - it helps to strengthen the immune system and kills viruses. Such funds are used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Step 5

To cleanse the nose of mucus, a rinsing procedure is done. For this, sea or salt water is used. The solution can be prepared by yourself, but it is better to purchase it ready-made at the pharmacy. Also, various sprays and aerosols based on seawater are now available. But be careful not to overdo it with the procedures, otherwise you will simply dry out the nasal mucosa, which will cause even more irritation.

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