How To Teach A Child To Play Football

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How To Teach A Child To Play Football
How To Teach A Child To Play Football

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Football is considered the main sport in almost every country. The minimum amount of equipment required (goal and ball) makes it available to everyone. And it is not at all necessary to enroll in special sections. You can play right in your yard and even at home, starting from a very young age.

How to teach a child to play football
How to teach a child to play football

It is necessary

  • - ball;
  • - two plastic bottles;
  • - Stuffed Toys.


Step 1

The advantage of football is the fact that there are no obstacles for this sport - even small stature will not become a hindrance (for example, as in basketball and volleyball). Start teaching your child how to play football, starting from one and a half years old, when the child learns to run confidently and well, without falling after every two or three steps.

Step 2

Buy, custom-sew or make your own protective equipment: elbow pads or knee pads. This will protect your baby from bruises received during numerous falls.

Step 3

Pump up the ball. It should be firm, not too hard or soft. Use balls of different weights for your workouts. Do most of your activity with the ball hanging from a rope and attached to a stick. This will significantly save time on preparation - you do not have to constantly run after the ball, which your beloved son or daughter threw so far at the time of the next serve.

Step 4

Teach your child how to hit a stationary ball correctly. Show how to do this from a running start and from a place. Show the kid the goalkeeper serve of the ball - knocking it out of the handles with your knee and foot. Start learning how to dribble. Demonstrate the technique of falling onto the mat when attempting to hit the ball with your foot while falling.

Step 5

Introduce the concept of a free kick. Swap roles - your child should be a defender, then an attacker. At the age of one and a half years old, playing football with an adult is very useful - the baby immediately adopts all the rules. In addition, you can even play at home by placing two toys on the sides as a gate.

Step 6

Practice the learned elements. After one to two months, start learning new ones. Show the baby hitting with the head and heel. Teach him to hit the target with the ball (for this take a bottle or soft toy).

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