Is It Possible To Douche During Pregnancy

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Is It Possible To Douche During Pregnancy
Is It Possible To Douche During Pregnancy

Douching is a procedure that is prescribed in gynecology for various diseases of the female genital tract or when diagnosing various infections in a patient, as a local treatment. This technique avoids the use of artificial medication. If you are in an “interesting position,” you may be wondering if you can douche during pregnancy. This is worth understanding.

Is it possible to douche during pregnancy
Is it possible to douche during pregnancy

Can pregnant women douche?

In addition to the presence of indications for such a treatment procedure, there are certain contraindications. Douching is not allowed during menstruation, as well as in the first weeks after childbirth or abortion. Many gynecologists refer to various diseases as contraindications for this procedure, and some medical specialists consider pregnancy to be the main factor that excludes douching.

Nevertheless, doctors often prescribe such a procedure to pregnant patients for the treatment of candidiasis (thrush), while they should warn: douching can be carried out for no more than 5 days.

Why douching is prohibited during pregnancy

During such procedures, the normal (natural) microflora of the vagina can be washed out, and as a result, its protective functions are significantly weakened. This threatens a pregnant woman with the appearance of various infectious processes.

In addition, the infection can pass from the patient to the fetus. Normally, the cervix is ​​closed with a mucous plug, thereby protecting the body of the unborn child from any intrusions from the outside. However, in the last weeks of pregnancy, the cervix is ​​already slightly open, and then the cork begins to move away. If the pressure of the infused fluid becomes too strong, the latter can penetrate into the cervix.

With such a pathological condition as isthmic-cervical insufficiency, and the threat of termination of pregnancy, the cervix may be ajar at the gestational age of 20-30 weeks.

Today, many gynecologists believe that douching while carrying a child can lead to spontaneous miscarriage. Therefore, they believe that pregnant women should avoid this treatment. However, some specialists, if necessary, still prescribe douching to expectant mothers. At the same time, doctors usually insist that the course of such procedures should not exceed 5 days.

If you decide to douche during pregnancy, you need to carefully and responsibly observe hygiene rules and regulations. When carrying out the procedures, be very careful and careful - try to inject the solution only under minimal pressure. Use a baking soda solution or infusion of calendula, chamomile, or St. John's wort. But it's better - ask the gynecologist you are seeing about all the intricacies and nuances of douching during pregnancy.

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