How To Behave With Boys

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How To Behave With Boys
How To Behave With Boys

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Childhood and adolescence is very important for forming relationships with the opposite sex. It is during this period that girls learn to behave with boys, determine their position in the team and build an optimal pattern of behavior. Peer relationships during adolescence can lay the foundation for a harmonious adult life.

How to behave with boys
How to behave with boys

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Try to make the boys respect you. It is this feeling that should become the basis of their relationship to you. For this, first of all, it is necessary to cultivate self-respect. Be confident, do not react to stupid jokes, do not allow young men to behave too frivolously or familiarly with you. However, arrogance in this case is not acceptable, since it will only alienate those around you. Communicate with peers with dignity, but without snobbery.

Step 2

Don't be friends with people you don't like at all. In childhood and adolescence, the first feelings and romances arise. Don't be afraid to turn down boys you don't like. Learn to say no: it will be of great benefit to you in the future.

Step 3

If you want to join the group of boys, it is not at all necessary to share all their "masculine" hobbies. It is enough to respect what they are fond of, to root for them at sports competitions, to be interested in music and films that they like. Be open and friendly, but remember that you are a girl.

Step 4

Try to make the boys feel like real men around you. At this age, it is quite simple, because for adolescents, approval from others, recognition by others of their positive qualities is very important. Be weak and ask them for help and protection if needed. Admire their victories, support them in difficult endeavors and in no case humiliate them, especially when it comes to physical strength.

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