How To Sew A Crib Bumper

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How To Sew A Crib Bumper
How To Sew A Crib Bumper

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Are you expecting the birth of a new family member in the near future and want to be ready for his appearance? So, you need a crib, bed linen and, of course, a bumper for the crib.

How to sew a crib bumper
How to sew a crib bumper


Step 1

If you need a bumper in a crib for a newborn, then it should fit the walls around the entire perimeter. In this case, the bumper can consist of either four walls or be solid. If the child is already older and leaves the crib by himself, it is enough to make it for three walls: side and back.

Step 2

Measure each side of the crib to know how long to make the piece. Think about how high it should be. A bumper half the height of the wall is ideal for a baby, since, firstly, in the first months the bottom of the crib will be located higher, and secondly, the child should not restrict access to fresh air. The bumper will perfectly protect your little one from drafts and being about 35 centimeters high.

Step 3

Select the material for the cover. First of all, it must be breathable, so cotton fabric is ideal. Secondly, it should be combined in color with the bedding. And, the third condition, large contrasting patterns will be very useful on the bumper. They will help develop the vision of the newborn.

Step 4

Decide what the bumper itself will be made of. It can be thin foam rubber or dense synthetic winterizer. It will protect your baby from impacts against the crib walls. You can also make a bumper from a baby blanket by cutting it into strips of the desired size.

Step 5

Sew the rectangles to the desired size. Do not forget to make allowances on the case by a centimeter on each side. Optionally, you can decorate the cover with appliques, flounces or lace.

Step 6

Count the number of twigs in the sides of the bed. A bumper should be attached to every third or fourth with ties at the top and bottom. You will also need strings on the corners of the crib.

Step 7

Sew a narrow ribbon of the same material. Its length should be equal to the number of ties required multiplied by twenty. Cut the tape into 20 centimeter pieces. Fold each piece in half and sew to the bumper at the point that corresponds to the twig to which you will tie it.

Step 8

Try on the bumper. If everything is in order, wash it and iron it on both sides. Everything! The bumper is ready for use.

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