How To Make A Canopy For A Crib

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How To Make A Canopy For A Crib
How To Make A Canopy For A Crib

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If you are going to hang a canopy on a crib, this is the right decision. A canopy is not only beautiful, but also practical. Under a light cover, the baby will feel more cozy and comfortable, because this curtain creates his own world for the child. The canopy will protect the child from mosquitoes and flies in the summer. If the baby's crib is in your bedroom, then the canopy will help him not to pay attention to the light from the lamp. In addition, dust will not settle on the child. Making a canopy for a crib with your own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first.

How to make a canopy for a crib
How to make a canopy for a crib

It is necessary

Pre-selected fabric (organza, curtain or velvet fabric is great); various decorations for the canopy, if required (for a girl, you can take ruffles or lace); a frame that can either be ordered in a workshop or made by hand; sewing accessories for fabric processing


Step 1

When we hear the word "canopy", our brains invariably begin to draw images of oriental beauties reclining on luxurious beds and sheltered from prying eyes by luxurious canopies made of expensive fabrics.

Making such a miracle yourself, bringing a little oriental magic into the atmosphere of your favorite bedroom or daughter's room is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Let us recall the lessons of labor at school.

Step 2

The first thing we need to do is choose the fabric for the canopy. The fabric should be either dense and heavy, or very light, almost airy. For an adult bedroom, materials such as tapestry, velvet, organza are ideal. It is better to transform a children's bedroom with natural fibers. Calico or silk fabrics would be very appropriate here.

For a canopy, a 1.5-meter width of fabric will be enough. In length, the material should cover the bottom of the crib. As a rule, canopies that cover three quarters of the entire height of a child's bed are very popular. Some make a canopy all the way to the floor. Short canopies can also be seen on sale or on the Internet, but they are only decorative in nature, and there is no functional use in them.

Sew the fabric over the entire area so that the edges do not fray, process it and decorate it, if there is a desire and opportunity. We sew on special mounts on the almost finished canopy, so that rings can be attached to these mounts, thanks to which our canopy will slide in and out.

Step 3

You can use lace or fringe to decorate the canopy. You can sew on appliques or ribbons. Or you can simply sheathe the bottom of the canopy with braid or a flounce of a small width. Ready-made accessories in the form of flowers, stars or butterflies will be a godsend for those who have just started to "make friends" with a needle and thread. You can buy them at almost any clothing store, and they will look amazing. You can decorate the canopy with colored garlands, but this is more suitable for older children. Toddlers can get overstimulated by excess light and have trouble falling asleep. But from such a canopy in the room there will always be a feeling that the child is in a fairy tale.

If you buy a fabric with a printed pattern, then, most likely, additional design manipulations will not be needed. Such a canopy itself will look elegant and expensive.


Step 4

The wireframe is the hardest part. Ordering from a forging workshop is ideal. But you can also make this design yourself. The frame for the canopy is made on the same principle as the frame for the curtain in the bathroom. But in our case, you need to bend the metal bar in a semicircle or in the shape of the letter "P", string rings on it, then attach it to the wall or to vertical supports.

Step 5

But it will be easier to make a canopy made of wood. A thick timber is attached to the wall, and along its edges there are slats that are perpendicular to the wall.For timber frames, it is best to use a lightweight fabric.

Step 6

There are several options for attaching a canopy over a baby bed. You can cover your crib completely, protecting your baby from mosquitoes, dust and prying eyes. You can close the crib only at the baby's head. Or you can make a royal canopy, the fastening of which will be located around the perimeter of the entire bed. It all depends on your desire and capabilities.

Step 7

To get the first option, the frame is attached either at the head of the bed, or in its central part, or the frame is attached to the ceiling or chandelier. If you are interested in mounting to the ceiling, then you will definitely need to buy a special hook, and the frame itself should have a round or oval shape. The hook should be well screwed into the ceiling. Otherwise, the entire structure may fall and injure the infant. Instead of fasteners, you can use a small gymnastic hoop.


Step 8

To cover only the headboard with a canopy, the frame must be fixed directly above the baby's head. The frame must be high enough otherwise the structure will not look aesthetically pleasing. Such a canopy is more often used for older children. It allows the child to sleep comfortably alone with his dreams and at the same time will not restrict him in space during the waking period.


Step 9

If you want to make a royal canopy over the bed, then you will need to fix the frame directly to the ceiling. For older children, you can buy a bed with already built-in supports. Unfortunately, they cost quite a lot of money. These beds are considered by many to be "antique" styling. Fitting a canopy frame to such beds will not be a problem. There are also ceiling structures where the fabric is attached to slats and strings. And the decoration is done with plasterboard or wood.


Step 10

Creating a canopy for a crib with your own hands is also remarkable in that you do not need to strictly follow the norms, but can turn on imagination. You can make a curly frame for the baby, which will not only protect the baby from external influences, but also create for him a fabulous country in which he can fantasize. You can make the frame in the form of a cloud, or you can make the frame in an arc and choose a multi-colored material, which will eventually become a rainbow over the baby's bed.


Step 11

The main thing to remember when constructing a canopy is safety precautions. You need to strive to ensure that the fastening of the frame of your canopy is powerful and durable. Then the interior of the bedroom will be beautiful, and the sleep will be calm and pleasant. And what form it will be depends only on your taste and wishes.

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