How To Use A Sling

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How To Use A Sling
How To Use A Sling

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Most Russian moms still know little about how much slings can make their life easier. And completely in vain! After all, slings not only simplify the carrying of the child and allow the mother to have time to do more things, but are also considered more physiological and useful than the "Kangaroo" known to many. Because babies are naturally and correctly positioned in these sling, these devices help reduce the risk of hip dysplasia in newborns.

How to use a sling
How to use a sling

How to put on a sling

The sling pocket and the end of the strap should be in the front. It is necessary to straighten the pillow under the rings and lay the inner side, then distribute the sling along the width.

It is noteworthy that the slings have a symmetrical design, so they can be worn on both the right and left shoulders. Due to the fact that both edges of the flap are not stitched, they can be adjusted independently of each other.

To wash a sling in a machine, you need to straighten it into a straight cloth, taking the strap out of the rings, and push a soft pad through the rings so that the rings are wrapped in a soft cloth and do not hit the walls of the machine.

Ways to carry your baby in a sling

There are several options for wrapping the baby in a sling. Here are the most popular methods for different children up to one year old.

"Cradle". This is the most suitable wearing option for newborns. In this position, it is very convenient to feed and rock the baby before bedtime, and then remove the sling from the shoulder to transfer the baby to the crib. To carry a baby in such a "cradle", you need to unfold the sling flap so as to lay the baby not in length, but in width. To make a more upright position, you need to tighten the strap harder.

"Heart to Heart". An excellent position for carrying babies at 3-4 months. To do this, you need to put the baby on the left shoulder, supporting him with his left hand, and, pulling the edge of the flap, cover the child with it. Then you should slightly bend forward and with your left hand push the baby's legs under the lower edge of the flap, while supporting it with your right hand.

On the hip - recommended from 4 months. Many mothers find it very comfortable when the child sits on the opposite hip of the dominant hand and wraps his legs around his side. The sling must be installed so that its lower edge is located exactly under the baby's knees, and the flap covers his pelvis. The upper edge of the flap must be pulled up so that it is at the level of the child's shoulder blades.

General tips for wearing a sling

Although a sling is a fairly easy thing to handle, there are some nuances here. For example, it is very convenient to wind a sling together at first, when dad builds a sling nest, and mom holds the baby in her arms at this time in a position that is comfortable for both her and the baby.

In order not to torment your child by clumsy "wrapping" in a sling, you can first practice on a toy - a doll, a teddy bear, etc.

To better understand what kinds of babywearing methods exist, you should also watch a video on this topic on the Internet. After all, there are different types of slings themselves - scarf, may, kanga, ring sling - and each model can be used in completely different ways. A sling is a thing that is very flexible to fantasy, conducive to creativity. So, the above are just a few of the most common ways to carry babies in a sling. You can experiment with this useful children's device endlessly!

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