How To Decorate The Walls Of A Kindergarten

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How To Decorate The Walls Of A Kindergarten
How To Decorate The Walls Of A Kindergarten

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Kindergarten is a special institution. Finding children in it requires thoughtfulness in interior design. In each room, in addition to furniture and corners, walls must also be decorated.

Wall decoration should correspond to the purpose of the room
Wall decoration should correspond to the purpose of the room


Step 1

First of all, you need to decide on the design of the room as a whole. The walls must correspond to the purpose of the room. In kindergarten, they carry a semantic load. For example, in a group room, the walls are usually visually divided into several zones: study, playroom, recreation area, etc. The walls of each zone are designed so that the whole room looks harmonious. The transition from one zone to another should be smooth.

Step 2

Particular attention should be paid to the color of the walls. It will be better if the whole institution is decorated in the same color scheme. This will have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the premises, and the overall design style will also be visible. In addition, the colors used should not irritate the unstable nervous system of preschoolers. In bedrooms, it is preferable to use pastel colors, contributing to a calm atmosphere. Moderate use of bright colors is acceptable in classrooms. Pay special attention to the quality characteristics of the paint, the degree of toxicity.

Step 3

It is desirable that the design elements are also in the same style and made of the same material. If you use corrugated paper or ceiling tiles for wall decoration elements, then you should not place them out of place with elements made of other materials.

Step 4

Corridor walls also need to be decorated. For their decoration, various stands are used, reflecting the life of the kindergarten. The decoration of the walls carries the primary information about the institution, sets the mood. For guests in the lobby, place an information stand where you can reflect the location of the kindergarten premises. In addition, this stand will serve to consolidate the knowledge of children about the location of the sports and music halls, food block, laundry, medical office.

Step 5

Set up a special information stand for employees, which will systematically post relevant information regarding the workflow in kindergarten.

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