How To Decorate A Kindergarten For The New Year

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How To Decorate A Kindergarten For The New Year
How To Decorate A Kindergarten For The New Year

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New Year's holidays are the time when you need to make wishes and believe in miracles. Decorating a kindergarten for the New Year helps to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays. Designing and creating jewelry is a pleasant and exciting experience that does not require special skills and abilities. The most important thing here is not to limit your imagination. Stores offer Christmas decorations for every taste, but you can fantasize, make them yourself.

How to decorate a kindergarten for the New Year
How to decorate a kindergarten for the New Year


Step 1

When decorating a kindergarten, be sure to consider the age of the children. In the younger groups, it is necessary to use a minimum of jewelry, and in the older children, together with you, you can take part in their manufacture.

Step 2

Bright New Year's patterns or stained-glass windows will look great on glasses. You can cut out stencils with New Year's motives from paper and apply artificial snow or frost on the glass with an aerosol. Decorate the curtains with foil cut snowflakes.

Step 3

Flashing colored lights look very nice on the windows. When using electric garlands, ask an electrician to check them in advance and make the connection yourself.

Step 4

Decorate walls and doors with balloons. Hang spruce wreaths throughout the room. You can hang toys on them, and cover them with artificial snow from a spray can. Do not be afraid to experiment with twigs, they will harmoniously complement the interior.

Step 5

Hang the tinsel on furniture and walls. With the wire inserted inside, it easily takes any shape, so it is convenient to use it for various compositions. Make satin ribbon bows and cut out snowflakes.

Step 6

In stores, you can find special wall stickers, which are a thin film. They adhere easily to smooth surfaces and, unlike conventional stickers, do not leave marks.

Step 7

Place jewelry in such a way that children cannot reach and remove them. Do not use needles or pins to secure them.

Step 8

There must be a Christmas tree in the hall. The decor with Christmas balls and rain is the most traditional. In order to avoid variegation and excessive splendor, choose two primary colors that will be present on the tree. In the same range, pick up Christmas balls of different sizes, rain or garland.

Step 9

As a group decoration for the holiday, you can use thematic exhibitions.

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