Where To Go In Irkutsk With Children

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Where To Go In Irkutsk With Children
Where To Go In Irkutsk With Children
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Irkutsk is a northern city, more than 600 thousand inhabitants live here, and the population is actively growing with small residents. Two years ago, a natural population growth was recorded in this city, and today the authorities are trying to make sure that small Irkutsk residents feel comfortable in a big city.

Where to go in Irkutsk with children
Where to go in Irkutsk with children


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An important place in the social policy of local authorities is given to the promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to numerous stadiums that are quite good in terms of equipment, the first biathlon track was opened in Irkutsk in 2013. It is interesting for teenagers not only to overcome the distance and conquer the firing line, but also to see how professional athletes prepare for the competition.

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It will be interesting for both adults and children to travel along the route of the first ecological electric train: Art. Irkutsk-Passenger - Slyudyanka - Port of Baikal. The beauty of the local nature, the leisurely movement - an ideal family vacation.

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The Baikal Expeditionary Corps (Listvyanka, Kuznetsova, 17), the Bars Motorcycle Salon (Barrikad, 24a / 3), as well as the Stalker travel company (Timiryazeva, 59) invite everyone to motocross. Here you can rent snowmobiles and ATVs. Mothers with babies can wait for the adventurers in the numerous cafes or take a walk in the surrounding area. Before the New Year, the territories of these bases are invariably decorated with garlands and light structures.

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Naughty kids and fidgets will love the numerous children's entertainment centers in Irkutsk. Teenagers will love the city's famous Shark Club, where they can play bowling while their parents drink excellent coffee in the bistro.

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A professional animation team in the Antoshka club will work with the kids: costume performances, games and contests for different age categories, a sea of ​​balloons and face painting for everyone.

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The Treasure Island Playground Theme Park will become an active playground for children over 6 years old. There are many attractions, quests, animators introduce new scenario games on a quarterly basis, so the guys never cease to be amazed at new adventures. Children also love to take away the treasures or artifacts they have obtained.

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Growing up computer geniuses can be left for a couple of hours at the Leader computer club on Krasnoarmeyskaya or Best on Ryabikov Boulevard.

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Those who prefer aesthetes' rest can go to the regional puppet theater "Aistenok". The artists tour a lot, but the theatrical season opens every year with new performances, and invited troupes are not uncommon on the stage. Your child will certainly remember the theater dolls, which are distinguished by their brightness and variety, in the foyer you can even touch some of them and try to guide them, and therefore do not expect to quickly leave the theater after the performance.

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The theater "Bravo!" Is very popular among young people. This is a creative workshop of young artists who offer the viewer their own non-trivial reading of many works, as well as contemporary productions.

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In summer and autumn, it is good to walk with children in the botanical garden, which is located at the Irkutsk University. Adults will be amazed by the collection of relict plants, which are very difficult to preserve in these places. Children will enjoy playing outdoors. Visit the zoogallery at Baikal or the Tropik greenhouse, where exhibitions of monkeys, birds and rare butterflies often come.

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