How To Name A Group In Kindergarten

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How To Name A Group In Kindergarten
How To Name A Group In Kindergarten

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The point in choosing a personal name for each of the kindergarten groups is that it will be more pleasant for children to be, for example, in a group called "Cotopes" or "Cartoons" than in the usual one with a simple number.

How to name a group in kindergarten
How to name a group in kindergarten


Step 1

For younger children, names are most often coined by adults. For such groups, the names of fairy tales (such as "Kolobok" or "Geese-Swans") or characters from different cartoons ("Buratino" or "Nafanya") are suitable. It should also be borne in mind that some names may not be suitable for all of the children of the group. For example, "Little Red Riding Hood". It is more appropriate for the name of the entire kindergarten. You can also choose color names. It is better if they are familiar to children (so that they have an idea of ​​how they look or, for example, know what their scent is).

Step 2

When choosing a name for a group of older children, be sure to ask their opinion. You can arrange this in the form of a game, where each child will have to make a mini presentation why his proposal should be approved.

Step 3

When determining the name, you should definitely pay attention to what the children are doing in the group. For sports groups, the names of the sports participants are suitable, for example, "Footballer", "Hockey Player" and so on. Some animal names may also work, such as "Kangaroo". Also, group names can be associated with nature. For example "Polyanka", "Anthill", "Camomile" and many others.

Step 4

Depending on the location of the kindergarten, its name may also occur, on the basis of which the names of the groups will be determined in the future. For example, if the garden is located near a natural body of water, for example, the sea, then all the names will have a marine theme. Then, with the general name of the kindergarten "Korablik", the following groups can take place: "Junga", "Sailors", "Deck" and many others.

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