How To Register A Group For Kindergarten

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How To Register A Group For Kindergarten
How To Register A Group For Kindergarten
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A beautiful, cozy and tastefully decorated group in a kindergarten helps children feel comfortable. In addition, such a room has aesthetic and developmental value. There are many design options for children's corners, lockers, stands. The main thing is a creative approach to business.

How to register a group for kindergarten
How to register a group for kindergarten


Step 1

Try to involve as many parents as possible in the design of the group. Perhaps someone draws beautifully, photographs or owns computer programs and will be able to create nature calendars, posters, graphics. If there are no such volunteers, you can arrange a group with ready-made stands or make an individual order for specialists. Of course, before this it is necessary to obtain the consent of the head of the kindergarten.

Step 2

The design of a kindergarten should be functional, suitable for different children with a variety of interests. There must be a sleeping area, a play area and a training area where classes are held. Good lighting must be present. The interior of a children's group must comply with increased safety requirements, furniture must meet standards. The materials used in the design must be environmentally friendly, abrasion resistant.

Step 3

When decorating a children's group, it is very important to choose a color scheme. Psychologists advise using bright colors in dotted, separate color spots. The optimal basic background for a children's group is green. This is the color of trust, happiness, optimism. Images of fairy-tale characters and cartoon characters can bring a kind and cheerful atmosphere into the interior.

Step 4

Design in the most conspicuous place, for example, in the dressing room, an exhibition corner where children will exhibit their own crafts, toys to show them to their parents and group guests.

Step 5

A special place in the design of the children's group is occupied by special information stands. Thanks to them, children learn the rules of safety, traffic, get acquainted with letters and numbers. Therefore, such stands must be bright, colorful, understandable and efficient, as well as reliable in installation.

Step 6

It is great if there is an opportunity to create a living corner in the group. For example, put an aquarium with fish, a cage with a turtle or a hamster. Here you can also hang a shelf with books and encyclopedias about the world around you.

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