How To Entertain Your Child At Home

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How To Entertain Your Child At Home
How To Entertain Your Child At Home

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How to keep your child busy at home when you are tired of gadgets and board games? 5 ideas for an interesting and useful pastime.

How to entertain your child at home
How to entertain your child at home

For a creative pastime, expensive and modern gadgets are not needed at all. Below are some inspirational activities for kids at home.

Cooking together

The idea is not only in joint cooking, the dish should be special, which is not on the everyday menu. This is a great opportunity to take a culinary journey around the world! For cooking, it is recommended to choose something simple with familiar ingredients. Agree, focaccia with parmesan from Italian cuisine sounds much more interesting and mysterious than cheese pie. It remains to stock up on everything you need, and you can safely create culinary magic.

It's also fun to play pastry chefs and bake delicious custard muffins, muffins, pancakes, or cookies to garnish with icing. And then arrange a tea party for the whole family.


Reading together

Reading and watching fairy tales not only ensures the correct mental and intellectual development of the child, but also allows you to expand his vocabulary and enrich speech.

Not all children love to read, some get tired quickly. Therefore, reading should be joint, for example, reading paragraphs or pages in turn. Especially it works great with first graders. The child has time to take a break, and in general, as a result, he reads more than if he read the entire text on his own. In addition, it is more fun to do it in a company.

Play dough

Almost all children love to sculpt. There are various sculpting techniques and other secrets that can be spied on the Internet. So creativity turns into a useful lesson, because the acquired skills will still be useful to him in technology lessons. And to make it even more interesting, you can jointly mold a whole composition, for example, a family of hares in a meadow.

Did you know that you can draw with plasticine? Coloring sheets are suitable for this, or you can draw outlines. Then a piece of plasticine is smeared over the sheet. Perfectly develops fine motor skills, trains fingers, since the process is not as easy as it seems. And the plasticine itself is required several times less than for modeling.

Crafts from pasta

You can make a lot of crafts from pasta, from simple beads to whole locks. The main thing is that there is a variety of forms, the cheapest will do. Ideas can also be spied on the net or found ready-made master classes. If the birthday of one of the relatives is approaching, you can offer to make such an original gift.

If you need to glue pasta together or attach it to cardboard, for example, when making a postcard, then it is better to use PVA glue or transparent type "Crystal". You can paint pasta with regular gouache or acrylic paints. By the way, instead of pasta, you can use various cereals and seeds for crafts.


Outdoor games

Excessive energy requires an outlet. The child may start to be naughty or mischievous. Outdoor games will be a salvation for parents. For example, the game "warm-cold". The facilitator hides the object in the room, and the participants must find it with the help of leading questions. The task of the leader is to direct the words "warm" or "cold". The winner is the one who is the first to find the hidden object. You don't have to be limited to one room.

Exercising and dancing is also great for the child, and at the same time improves coordination and instills a sense of rhythm. You can arrange a mini-disco or find a ready-made video on the Internet and move along with the instructor. There are similar programs on children's entertainment channels.

You can play bowling. Plastic bottles will act as pins, and use a regular ball instead of a ball. Or throw the ball into a laundry basket or trash can. If the room is not rich in space, then ball games can be dangerous. you can break something.

And this is not the whole list of ideas that can be offered to entertain a child at home. The main thing is to participate in the games together.

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