How To Entertain Your Baby

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How To Entertain Your Baby
How To Entertain Your Baby

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Cubes, pyramids, balls, tumblers - all this is not only fun for your baby, but also a way of learning about the world around you. That is why it is so important for parents to know how and with the help of what to play with the baby, so that it not only brings pleasure, but also benefits.

How to entertain your baby
How to entertain your baby


Step 1

In stores, the selection of toys is so great that often parents buy something just in order to replenish the child's collection. But take the choice of entertainment for the kid seriously, think about whether the baby will like this toy, whether it will benefit him, or will gather dust somewhere.

Step 2

Consider age when choosing entertainment for your baby. If the child is from 0 to 3 months old, his very first toys should be simple, with large details, bright colors. The sound of the rattles should not be too loud, so as not to scare the baby. Crib and stroller suspensions will also attract crumbs' attention.

Step 3

For a child from 3 to 6 months, choose a musical carousel mobile. Calm melody, moving toys will not leave the kid indifferent. The developing mat will become your irreplaceable assistant. They usually have musical details, tweeters, mirrors and many other elements. Hanging toys make the kid want to reach for them. You can make a similar rug yourself. As a rule, toys for the rug are made of rustling materials; cereals, sand, small parts and other improvised material are used as fillers. Offer your child toys with uneven surfaces to develop fine motor skills in the fingers.

Step 4

From 6 months old, children like toys with buttons, clicking on which turns on music or light, rotating parts, constructors, pyramids. Kids can already independently perform manipulations with these objects. While swimming, the baby will have fun splashing around with a rubber duck or frog.

Step 5

From about 9 months old, children who are already taking their first steps are attracted by wheelchairs, strollers. Moreover, this is a favorite pastime not only for girls, but also for boys. The child together with peers can play in the sandbox. To do this, purchase buckets, molds. A very useful toy for a 9-12 month old baby is a ball. Classes with him develop accuracy, dexterity of the child. In addition, there are special puzzles for babies of this age, with the help of which the child gets an idea of ​​the shape of objects.

Step 6

It is often possible to notice how the child is not very interested in toys, and is more attracted to household items. Do not forbid your baby to play with pots. Take several pots of different sizes, and with your child try to find the right lid for each. It will be interesting for the baby to play with multi-colored jars of yoghurt. Create entertainment for your little one using everything at hand.

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