How To Identify Cheating

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How To Identify Cheating
How To Identify Cheating

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As a rule, falling in love, cooled feelings for the second half, everyday life, dissatisfaction in marriage become the cause of the appearance of marital infidelity. If there is a noticeable change in the behavior of a husband or wife, chances are he or she is cheating.

How to identify cheating
How to identify cheating


Step 1

Pay attention to your partner's appearance. The presence of a mistress or lover is indicated by a sudden careful control over the appearance, perhaps a change in clothing style or hairstyle. As shown in the movies, an almost indisputable fact of betrayal - lipstick on the shirt, "someone else's" perfume, which smells of clothes, as well as stains of "unknown origin" on the underwear.

Step 2

Remember if your other half has become too secretive lately. Maybe recently your husband or wife prefers not to talk on the phone in front of you or closes the laptop monitor when you are around? In this case, ask who called, or ask to show what he (she) is hiding. If the answer is too implausible, confusing, illogical, etc., then it is likely that there is a fact of adultery. There are also such “copies” for which the answers are prepared in advance, therefore they know how to lie without visible signs of deception. Such "professionalism" is inherent only in experienced traitors (s).

Step 3

Another sign of infidelity can be a "vow of silence." For example, you suddenly notice that your husband or wife has stopped paying attention to you, and everyday conversations have been reduced to your lonely monologue. Of course, this is not the most correct criterion, because the other half can simply get tired of the daily chatter. But if silence is accompanied by the appearance of secrecy or even irritability, then perhaps the point is the appearance of love on the side. Closure and aggression may indicate not even the betrayal itself, but an attempt to cheat on you.

Step 4

This is usually indicated by the opposite attitude towards the second half, when a man or woman at some point becomes more tender, caring and sympathetic than before. Such behavior can mean that the person who changed feels guilty and wants to justify himself and at the same time feel sorry for you.

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