We Minimize Wedding Expenses

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We Minimize Wedding Expenses
We Minimize Wedding Expenses

Video: We Minimize Wedding Expenses

Video: We Minimize Wedding Expenses
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A wedding is a very joyful and enjoyable event, but it is expensive. Even if you do not plan to use Dom Perignon and Urgant champagne fountains as a toastmaster, you will have to fork out a lot. But from personal experience, I was convinced that the cost of a wedding can be significantly reduced without prejudice to your main holiday!

We minimize wedding expenses
We minimize wedding expenses


Step 1

As they say - saving starts with accounting! Create a special notebook in which you will write down all expenses, as well as store addresses, phone numbers, and the like. Believe it or not, when all the necessary information is in one place, it is very convenient. Thanks to such a notebook, you will clearly see where your money is going.

Step 2

Set limits on amounts. For example, the maximum price for a wedding dress is 30,000 rubles. Do not take with you to the store an amount exceeding the limit - be sure to spend it! And yet, an important point - never try on a dress that you are not able to buy, otherwise you will only spoil your mood and you will always be haunted by the thought that you never bought that perfect dress.

Step 3

All sorts of wedding little things in salons are twice as expensive as on the Internet or on the market. The quality is the same and the savings are significant!

Step 4

Carefully choose a photographer, toastmaster, musicians, hall decorator. There is a lot of competition in this business now, and you can hire a professional for a small amount.

Step 5

Do not rent jewelry for a car, you can easily sell the jewelry you bought and still be able to get back some of the costs!

Step 6

Finally, invite more guests! The costs are the same, well, it will add a little for the restaurant, but your wedding will be able to fully pay off and, perhaps, still remain for the honeymoon trip!

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