Should The Guy Give The Girl Money For Expenses

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Should The Guy Give The Girl Money For Expenses
Should The Guy Give The Girl Money For Expenses

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Men have long had to provide for their families, but now, due to female emancipation, girls began to independently provide for themselves and even their children.

Should the guy give the girl money for expenses
Should the guy give the girl money for expenses

A guy, a girl and their expenses

Some girls are sure that if they meet with a young man, he should give his soul mate money for expenses. In fact, these are not entirely correct thoughts. The fact is that a guy can really pay a bill in a cafe or restaurant, tickets to a concert or to a cinema. All in all, he bears the cost of dating his lovely lady. However, this does not mean at all that the young man is obliged to pay for the clothes of his beloved representative of the weaker sex, beauty salons, fitness clubs, gyms, solariums, hair removal and other services. Girls have to make their own money to look attractive.

As for dating, even in these cases, women themselves can pay not only for themselves, but also for their boyfriend, if they themselves initiated a visit to a particular institution.

Husband, wife and their expenses

If we consider the relationship of young people who are not in love, whose relationship has just begun to develop, but turn to families, we can come to a completely different conclusion. When a husband works, and a woman is daily engaged in household chores, raising children, cooking dinner, keeping the house clean and tidy, creating comfort and a family atmosphere, and she has neither time nor energy to work, the husband is obliged to give money for expenses. Moreover, this applies not only to household expenses (the purchase of food, medicines, necessary stationery, household chemicals, furniture and interior items, household appliances, etc.), but also to expenses for the personal needs of the fair sex. These include solariums, visits to spas, hairdressers, manicure and pedicure services, visits to a beautician, masseur, subscriptions to fitness centers, gyms, purchases of cosmetics, personal care products, as well as clothing and much more.

If a woman does not bother with household chores, has her own source of income, and performs all household chores on an equal basis with her spouse, he may not give her money for expenses that relate only to her personal needs. He can allocate money only for general family needs, and his wife's contribution to the family budget should not be ruled out either. However, here it is impossible to speak specifically about whether a man should do something, or whether a woman should do something. It all depends only on the relationship between two people, because every family has its own rules and orders.

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