How A Girl Should Behave With A Guy

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How A Girl Should Behave With A Guy
How A Girl Should Behave With A Guy

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Male attention for a girl is like moisture for a flower - it blooms from it. At the same time, men pay more attention to some girls, and less to others. The reason is not in appearance or sexuality, but in behavior. It depends on how a girl behaves with a guy whether their relationship will continue or not.

How a girl should behave with a guy
How a girl should behave with a guy


Step 1

Don't go to extremes. An interesting girl is not synonymous with accessibility and frivolity. Available persons are interesting for guys only for one night. And those who are able to interest have a chance to build further relationships with him. Therefore, do not behave casually and vulgarly. The other extreme is coldness and arrogance. It is unlikely that a guy will start flirting with you if you show with all your appearance that he is beneath your dignity, and you never pay attention to him. The ideal option when communicating with a guy is to act naturally. You are you, with all your strengths and weaknesses. If a person is interested in you, he will be interested in everything, and if not, then no mask will catch him.

Step 2

Don't be too open. Guys are attracted to things that they cannot understand. Mystery girls leave a strong impression in their hearts. Do not openly admit your sympathy, but hint at it - with expressive glances, casual touch. In short, flirt unobtrusively if you like the guy. Flirting is a communication tool that can be compared to a game: it does not oblige you to anything.

Step 3

Give a man a chance to win you over. No matter how much psychologists say that the stronger sex by its nature is drawn to conquest, girls continue to take the initiative and present themselves to a man in a ready-made and best way. This is the wrong communication tactic. Accessibility is not interesting for guys. Therefore, give your chosen one a chance to conquer you, to feel like a knight seeking the location of a beautiful lady. Just don't overdo it with inaccessibility.

Step 4

Create an atmosphere of competition. Men love competition and if you hint that yesterday you quickly got home because a friend gave you a lift, then you will let him know that there are other fans around you, that you need to start action to decisively win your heart.

Step 5

Show interest in your boyfriend. He will be disposed to you if he sees that you are interested in knowing what kind of person he is, what he is fond of and what he loves. Communicate with your guy freely, honestly, and without irony.

Step 6

Use the "carrot and stick" method - either get closer to the guy, expressing sympathy for him with all your behavior, then move away from him, as if you were offended by him for something. This method of increasing male interest has been tested by thousands of girls and it really works.

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