How To Behave On Your Wedding Night

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How To Behave On Your Wedding Night
How To Behave On Your Wedding Night

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So the long-awaited wedding day passed, the guests went home, the flurry of congratulations subsided and the newlyweds were left alone. The first wedding night is ahead. In order for her to leave exceptionally pleasant memories in her memory, you need to listen not only to your desires, but also to the desires of your spouse or spouse.

How to behave on your wedding night
How to behave on your wedding night


Step 1

Refuse sexual intercourse if you feel very tired. You have had a long and very busy day full of experiences. The body is very tired from constant stress, so instead of enjoying the pleasures of love, you will wait for them to end. This, you see, is not what you dreamed of.

Step 2

If you decide that intimacy is unacceptable before the wedding, then the first wedding night will be filled with real meaning for you, and not just a tradition. In this case, you must be very attentive to your partner, do not insist on something if he does not want it, because the first intimacy can determine the nature of the entire subsequent married life.

Step 3

Act gradually. If you feel that your spouse is in pain, it is best to stop. Of course, all women are different: someone completely painlessly endures the first sexual intercourse and receives previously unknown pleasure, while someone, on the contrary, feels extremely unpleasant sensations. If your girlfriend is of the second type, it is better to gradually prepare her for intercourse over 2-3 days.

Step 4

Remember, this night is different from all the rest. For the first time, you will enjoy not just your girlfriend or boyfriend, but your legal spouse. This night is yours alone and you can do whatever you want.

Step 5

Be gentle with your soul mate. Try to please your partner, but you shouldn't forget about yourself either. If you are enjoying what is happening and you see that your spouse is also enjoying it, then everything is going as it should.

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