How To Make Your Relationship Stronger

How To Make Your Relationship Stronger
How To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Video: How To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Video: How To Make Your Relationship Stronger
Video: 6 Tips on How to Have a Strong Relationship 2023, March

How to understand your partner? How can you develop in a relationship?

What can be done to make family relationships enjoyable? A few simple, but effective and tried-and-true tips for both partners that will bring warmth and mutual understanding back into the relationship.

How to make your relationship better
How to make your relationship better

Relationships are work, they can be hard, etc. All these clichés are hammered into our heads, but few explain how to be happy in a relationship and how to make your partner happy.

Men and women have different needs in the family, and often we pass off our needs as the needs of our partner. Because of what scandals and misunderstandings appear. Women who are inclined to care begin to take care of their partner, while men begin to give unsolicited advice at a difficult moment for a woman.

Where can you develop in a relationship and how to understand your partner?

Be clear about the needs of each spouse

Women want:

  • Expressions of care, tenderness.
  • Trust your partner completely.
  • Financial protection, yes, without money in any way, since this is a purely male role - to get a mammoth. Thanks for what she is.
  • The opportunity to open your heart and speak out at any moment.
  • Devotion to one's family is an important quality that everyone will appreciate.

Men want:

  • Leisure companion: a woman either with a man does his favorite thing, or gives him time for his favorite pastime.
  • Recognition of merit: Even the smallest business must be appreciated. Of course, without oohs and sighs, but he should know every time how cool he is. The main thing here is not to overdo it and praise for the deeds.
  • Housekeeping: everyone will be pleased to know that he will return to a warm and comfortable home.
  • A man makes every decision himself, this is his choice and his freedom.
  • Sexual satisfaction.

Talk more about relationships together

Watch youtube channels that consider the psychology of family relationships: Satya Das, Mila Levchuk, Olga Valyaeva. Sergey Egorov on Instagram - writes great for real men. Read books about relationships together, share something new.

Talk alone for at least 20-30 minutes a day. Share the pleasant moments that happened during the day over a cup of tea or coffee. Take walks together, holding hands or just walking alongside. Introduce such conversations into a family ritual that will strengthen the relationship.

family relationships
family relationships

Develop sexually together

There are many free and paid lessons to help you better understand your partner. Various portals post articles about sex that may be of interest to both of you.

sex and relationships
sex and relationships

Men think more about work, a woman always cares about relationships. By giving him time for exploits, we get the financial security of our family. Having paid with gratitude and joy in the eyes, we stimulate our man to new heroic actions.

Remember that relationships may not always be great

Relationship life cycle
Relationship life cycle

Books to better understand your partner:

  • Alan Pease "Why do men lie and women roar"
  • John Gray "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"
  • Michael Matteo "The Book of Tasty and Healthy Relationships"

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