What To Give For March 8? 30 Gift Ideas

What To Give For March 8? 30 Gift Ideas
What To Give For March 8? 30 Gift Ideas

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In this article, I have collected 30 of the best gift ideas for March 8 ladies.

What to give for March 8? 30t ideas
What to give for March 8? 30t ideas

1.Silver rose with crystal bud

Since we initially touched on the theme of flowers, we propose to replace the modest bouquet of mimosa with a luxurious unfading rose with a crystal bud and a silvered stem. The amazingly beautiful souvenir will become a symbol of your eternal love for your spouse, gratitude to your mother and admiration for your elegant boss.

2.Eco-cube for growing "Goji"

Since you will definitely not surprise anyone with cut flowers, let's give original kits for growing! And not just a simple tulip, but an exotic Goji plant! Any woman knows the incredible benefits of these berries for beauty, youth and harmony. The set is called "Eco-cube" and is an unusual souvenir that looks very stylish in the interior. The price is small. You can give to everyone, without exception.

3.Bouquet of soft toys "Bears and roses"

Where is March 8 without flowers and toys? Since ladies are still very fond of both, this well-known fact is very difficult to ignore. But ordering an unusual gift with flowers and toys is as easy as shelling pears. How? Choose an original bouquet of soft teddy roses and bears! Relevant for both a teenage girl and an adult woman.

4.Vase Duett

If, after all, women's day without her favorite flowers seems like a sacrilege to you, you can complement the bouquet with an original Duett vase. You will get a gorgeous gift with a hint that from this very day the designer vase will never be empty.

By the way, the "trick" of the vase is in a removable flask, without which you get an elegant glass for small bouquets of violets or lilies of the valley.

5. Pendant sundial Altura

Definitely, going to a jewelry store will make your lady happy. But an unusual decoration for every day, which she is unlikely to see on a neighbor or an envious colleague, will show how unique a woman is, and that there is no other such in the whole world.

Such adornments include the Altura sundial pendant from the Spanish brand Hemis.

6 a set of garden tools in a suitcase

When choosing an original gift for a girl, mother, friend, her interests should also be taken into account. Now, if a woman likes to plant flowers on the balcony, windowsill, summer cottage, front garden near the house, then she will definitely appreciate a set of garden tools in a surprisingly pink color.

7.Tea couple "Illusion"

Never listen to those who discourage giving women dishes. On the contrary! Ladies are delighted with stylish glass sets, unusual kitchen accessories, luxurious cups. Therefore, one of the original and very desirable gifts for March 8 is the "Illusion" porcelain tea pair.

The peculiarity of the set is the mirror coating of the cup, which partially reflects the pattern of the saucer, creating an amazing optical illusion.

8.Music infuser set "Songbird"

The musical brewing set "Songbird" will allow you to brew aromatic tea while enjoying the chirping of birds. The unique design and extraordinary functionality of the set makes it an effective gift for March 8, created to turn an ordinary tea party into a little celebration of the soul.

9.Satisfaction Eye Massager

There is nothing more valuable than health and youth. So, by placing a bet on a gift from this category, you will never lose. Only instead of cosmetics, perfumes and shampoos, it is better to give a useful Satisfaction eye massager. With its help, you can relieve tension, smooth out fine wrinkles and even restore vision. Super thing for relaxation and rejuvenation.

10 the Saturn watch

Happy hours do not watch, they admire them! Order a Saturn watch as a present for your sister, mother and patroness and you will be able to see for yourself.

11. Plaid with sleeves

A soft, light and cozy blanket will always be a good gift for a woman.The model with large bulky sleeves will allow you to comfortably use the remote control, read a book, pick up and talk on the phone, even partially without leaving the warm fleece "shelter".

12.3D-puzzle "Bouquet in a vase"

A romantic gift for a girl who adores all kinds of intellectual entertainment will be a 3D puzzle "Bouquet in a vase" from the Crystal Puzzle collection. The assembled composition can be used as an unusual interior decoration, reminding of who gave it.

13.Active set

It would seem that every woman wants to get something cute and valuable on March 8th. But believe me, even such simple everyday things as a comfortable sports backpack, a high-quality water bottle and a good towel will delight an athlete, an active girl and a travel lover. So here's a great Active set in bright red. Order and please.

14. Set "Gift to the Queen"

To the luxurious neckerchief from the Sergio Verotti collection - a designer jewelry stand by the German brand Philippi, and now we have not just a set of accessories, but a real gift to the Queen! Will be appreciated by both a lady who prefers a classic style and a modern business woman.

15.Phone charger with mirror

Fashionable beauty bloggers have long ago boasted on their pages with power banks made in the form of powder boxes. The idea was appreciated, and here is a portable phone charger with a mirror - one of the most coveted gifts for women of any age, status and character.

16 Philippi bag hook

Tool cases crammed with hammers, screwdrivers and nails to the eyeballs are nonsense compared to the cosmos of handbags. Their arsenal is so diverse that it seems unrealistic to surprise a woman with something like that.

But no. Everything valuable is in the bag, but what to do with the accessory itself in a cafe, restaurant or a cramped office is not clear. Help out the stylish Philippi bag hook, which can be easily attached to the table. Small spool but precious. In terms of benefits. The price is more than acceptable.

17. "Book of desires"

The desires of each person greatly influence his life. So why not give a woman an item to perform? For example, the finished "Book of Desires", where it remains only to write down all the most intimate for visualization.

18.Jewellery flash drive "Moth"

Useful gadget? Stylish accessory? Elegant decoration? Stop guessing. Order "three in one" - jewelry pendant "Moth". Delicate like spring itself.

19. Cheese fondue set "Cheese"

Nothing prevents a real hostess from preparing any restaurant delicacy at home. But if there is no time for cooking, the "Cheese" fondyushka will help out. Just 5-10 minutes and a delicious Swiss dish is ready. A great gift idea for a woman of any age.

20.Gift set Flower spa

The luxurious Flower spa gift set will be an original alternative to the beauty box and a subscription to the massage salon. It consists of a set of basalt stones for a relaxing hot massage, as well as jars of dried flowers for making cosmetics or taking a bath. The packaging of the set is a beautiful wooden box, which can also be used to store important little things.

21. A set for drawing on water "Ebru"

Creative people will be delighted with gifts with which they can create unique masterpieces! For example, having received an unusual set "Ebru", a girl will easily master the technique of drawing on water and will impress fans of her work with more than one fantastic picture. If you inspire, then only with such presents!

22. Paris mitts

In spring, the weather can be deceiving and not always warm. Present your beloved girl with charming Paris mitts made using lace knitting technique, and she will surely appreciate your care.

23. "Tulip" folding umbrella

Returning to the theme of flowers, we present you with a fresh solution to an original gift - a folding tulip umbrella! When folded, the umbrella is indistinguishable from a real flower.But during spring showers, it is many times more useful than any expensive bouquet.

24 Gems Red Rubine Thermo Mug

A high-quality thermo mug, the body of which is stylized as a ruby, is a useful, stylish and unbreakable gift for an active woman. Give, let him see that she is your jewel.

25.Singing toy "Cat. Charming eyes"

March is the time of cats. Singing, of course. Naturally for lovely kitties. You can give such a plush handsome man to your beloved girlfriend or wife. The fluffy ladies' man is dressed up in a vest and carries the most valuable gifts in his paws - a sausage and a bouquet of flowers. And as soon as they pay attention to him, he begins to perform the popular song "Charming Eyes" and dance to the beat. We are 100% sure that no one has ever given such an original presentation to your beloved!

26. Mojito Time Cocktail Set

Beautiful glasses for champagne or wine are a good gift, but without a "zest". And here is a chic set of Mojito Time, consisting of four cocktail glasses and a wooden mudler, just what you need for noisy parties in the company of friends. A lover of refreshing mojito, and, therefore, every second woman will especially appreciate such a present!

27. Gearbox Secret Box

All that gold, diamonds and jewelry that you gave your beloved over the past years must be carefully stored somewhere. Haven't thought about it before? Nothing. But now you have a wonderful option for a good gift for March 8 - a box for storing jewelry, accessories, important gizmos.

I suggest ordering the Gearbox design miracle. This is a box with a secret that opens with a key hidden on its own case. Very unusual and exclusive.

28.Savon stainless steel soap

And now a few words about unique kitchen accessories. For example, the stylish stainless steel Savon soap on a minimalist wooden stand is not a hoax or a useless decor item. The soap removes unpleasant onion and garlic odors that remain on your hands after cooking. Believe me, a woman will accept such a gift with great pleasure.

29. Tea Strainer Crown

Even an ordinary tea strainer will become an interesting and inexpensive present if it is made in the shape of a crown, the lower part of which is a convenient saucer for snacks.

30 Starry Sky Projector

Of the inexpensive, but very original gifts, one can single out a compact starry sky projector, scattering myriads of night lights on the walls and ceiling of the room. An irreplaceable thing for creating an amazing atmosphere of tranquility, magic and romance.

I hope I helped with the choice. Thanks for attention!

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