How To Dress A Newborn In March

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How To Dress A Newborn In March
How To Dress A Newborn In March

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The weather in March is very unpredictable. One day it can be warm and calm, and the next day it can be very cold and damp. But you need to walk with a newborn every day. After all, the sun and fresh air are very useful for him. You just need to know how to dress your baby correctly so that he does not freeze or overheat.

How to dress a newborn in March
How to dress a newborn in March


Step 1

Do not wrap your baby too tightly for a walk in early spring. At the same time, dress him securely: in a bodysuit, a thin terry jumpsuit, then a lightweight jumpsuit on a padding polyester and the same hat. Cover the stroller with a special cape or raincoat. This will allow you to safely walk outside with your newborn for 1, 5-2 hours.

Step 2

Give preference to piecework overalls. There will be no blowing in it, and the edges of the jacket will not hurt, exposing the back. For early spring, buy a jumpsuit that is rated for temperatures down to -5. It should be sewn from an easily washable and waterproof fabric. It is desirable that the jumpsuit is not too bulky and heavy, has a hood and elastic bands on the trousers and sleeves.

Step 3

A hat is an important part of a baby's outfit on a walk. Buy a trumpet model. It performs two functions at the same time - a hat and a scarf. The main thing is that the hat is warm, waterproof and pleasant to the touch. For example, a woolen hat is not at all suitable for spring walks. Better to put two thin hats on the newborn. They will protect you from the wind and will not let you sweat.

Step 4

Leave the woolen socks and mittens at home. Put on two pairs of socks (thin and insulated) on the legs, and leave the handles open. Discard warm blankets or shawls.

Step 5

When dressing a baby for a March walk, adhere to the principle of layering. It is better to put on a few blouses on the baby than one thick jacket. If it gets hot, then remove the top layer, and if it freezes, add another one. The most important thing is that the baby is not blown in the wind. Do not assume that dressing your child warmer will protect him from colds. He is more likely to get sick from overheating and, as a result, a wet back than from cold.

Step 6

An infant is not yet in control of its body temperature. So be guided by the weather and your own feelings. If you are going outside, put on at least one layer more clothes on the crumb than on yourself.

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