How To Bring A Girl To Orgasm

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How To Bring A Girl To Orgasm
How To Bring A Girl To Orgasm

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Your spouse's lack of orgasm negatively affects her emotional and physical well-being. In addition, this has a detrimental effect not only on love relationships, but can also cause separation.

How to bring a girl to orgasm
How to bring a girl to orgasm


Step 1

To bring her to orgasm, make her feel safe and comfortable around you. In order for your partner to start enjoying in bed, she needs to trust the young man. If you've recently met your friend, give the girl time to get used to you. Moral comfort and calmness are the main components of a woman's orgasm. That is, it is important that the place where you make love is comfortable enough for your partner so that the girl feels relaxed in it.

Step 2

Use a special musky cologne. After all, such smells can increase a woman's libido. Kiss her on the spine: it usually has a great effect. Make sure you do this evenly and smoothly. The harder you kiss, stroke a woman on the back, the faster your sex partner will be aroused and the stronger her orgasm will be.

Step 3

Warm up her feet. According to some scientists, a girl with well-warmed feet is more likely to have an orgasm. To do this, give her a foot massage, preferably using a warming gel. Pay attention to the pads of the fingers, the space between them - these areas of the feet are responsible for relieving stressful conditions and all the sensations that a girl receives during sex. In sex, you need to pay more attention to the degree of a girl's arousal - this is the only way to please her.

Step 4

Don't forget about your partner's erogenous zones. Watch her reactions in bed. Changes in breathing rate and moaning allow the partner to identify areas of hypersensitivity. Please note that foreplay is very important for women in sexual intimacy: caress, kissing and gentle words. This allows the girl to experience sexual arousal and then relax next to you.

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