How To Bring A Woman To Orgasm

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How To Bring A Woman To Orgasm
How To Bring A Woman To Orgasm

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For a man to enjoy himself is a simple matter. But to bring a woman to orgasm can only be done by a true connoisseur of female psychology and erogenous zones. The large number of places on a woman's body that require attention can lead some men to despair. But do not give up. A positive result can be guaranteed.

How to bring a woman to orgasm
How to bring a woman to orgasm

Female orgasm - what is it?

Orgasm is the highest degree of sexual pleasure. But men and women are arranged differently. And if for the first it is a stable completion of the sexual intercourse, then for the second it is something more.

It is much easier for a man to reach orgasm, because his erogenous zones are located compactly. Therefore, the impact in a more or less correct direction will quickly lead to the desired result.

The female orgasm is more difficult than the male, both physically and psychologically. Sexual arousal is more varied and individual than that of men.

Many women do not begin to have an orgasm from their first sexual experience. This can be explained by ignorance of their erotic reactions and their body in principle. Also, some of the fair sex at first have some psychological prohibitions, and they need time to be liberated.

There are more types of orgasm in women than in men. Many people clearly distinguish between clitoral and vaginal orgasms. According to scientists, about 70% of women say that the most pleasant vaginal orgasm, because it covers the entire body. But some people reach their peak pleasure only with additional stimulation of the clitoris.

A feature of women is their ability to multiple orgasms. Immediately after one wave, a woman can experience a second and a third, while men after ejaculation do not respond to sexual stimulation and do not feel the desire to continue having sex.

There are some effective tips for getting a woman to orgasm and making a man a hero. After all, such an attentive and sensual partner will be appreciated by anyone.

Make a woman feel good? Easily

You always need to start sex with foreplay. This will ensure that the girl is emotionally, psychologically and physically ready for intercourse. In this case, the main thing is not to rush. Don't try to move on to sex as soon as possible. Caress a woman's body lovingly and tenderly until you feel ready.

There is a great way to bring a girl to orgasm. This is oral sex. Many women claim that only through cunnilingus they achieve orgasm.

The man himself should enjoy the process. Go down slowly, bite and suck on the woman's genitals. From the reaction of her body, it will be clear that she will like it more.

You can also apply finger stimulation. Fold your index and middle fingers together and slide them around your clitoris. You can caress the girl's body with the other hand. Listen to her moans. So you will understand which actions bring pleasure to your beloved and which do not.

If orgasm has not yet happened, you can try to stimulate the G-spot. Move your fingers down from the clitoris and slowly penetrate them into the vagina.

When your fingers are inside, move them to the 11:00 position. Look carefully for a small bump or bump. Stimulate it with patting movements, but gently and quickly. You can gently press it like a bell button.

It must be remembered: a female orgasm is achievable, but the work of both partners is important here. Alone, pleasure can only be delivered to yourself.

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