How To Quickly Bring A Girl To Orgasm

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How To Quickly Bring A Girl To Orgasm
How To Quickly Bring A Girl To Orgasm

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It is hardly possible to meet such a man who does not care whether his women consider him a good lover. If the partner of such a man experiences an orgasm shortly after they began to make love, then the next intercourse will bring both of them even more pleasure. What should a man do in bed in order to quickly bring a woman to orgasm?

How to quickly bring a girl to orgasm
How to quickly bring a girl to orgasm


Step 1

Not every member of the fairer sex is capable of experiencing a "normal" vaginal orgasm; some girls even learn about what it is only after the birth of a child. Thus, the easiest way to bring a girl to the orgasm that occurs when exposed to her clitoris. For most of the fairer sex, this is the most sensitive erogenous zone throughout the body. That is why it is difficult for them to experience orgasm in positions in which at least an indirect effect on the clitoris does not occur, for example, when a girl's legs are on a man's shoulders.

Step 2

Before you caress the clitoris with your fingertip, do not forget to moisturize it, or go straight to the caress with your tongue. Keep in mind that strong arousal and the accompanying enlargement of the girl's clitoris does not occur immediately - this takes some time. There is no special instruction according to which you should fondle a girl - act on a whim and track how she responds to your touch. If the girl is already "turned on", then she begins to moan, flinch and press your head to her. Your task at this moment is by no means to stop and pay attention only to the fact that touching which sensitive points of her genitals cause her a particularly violent reaction.

Step 3

Before the onset of orgasm, the clitoris contracts in size. At the peak of pleasure, the girl begins uncontrolled muscle contractions, and she moves away from your face or hand. This is due to the fact that after orgasm, the clitoral area becomes hypersensitive, and any touch to it becomes unpleasant.

Step 4

Know that if the girl first experienced an orgasm, then after that you yourself can do in bed what you want yourself. A satisfied partner will certainly help you make all your wildest fantasies come true.

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