How To Improve Student Attention?

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How To Improve Student Attention?
How To Improve Student Attention?

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After winter, primary school students find it difficult to concentrate on their studies and classes, inattentively listening to the teacher at school and parents at home. How can you help your child focus?

How to improve student attention?
How to improve student attention?


Step 1

Clean up all the things at home that might distract your child during class. The TV, aquarium, toys and other entertainment should be in another room, out of sight of the child. In the classroom, it is best to ask such a child to sit at the first desk.

Step 2

If you want the child to perceive all the words you said, then come closer to him and hug him. This helps to increase the level of attention.

Step 3

Try to teach your child to listen thoughtfully. To do this, it is necessary to end each question with the question: "What do you think?" Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid the situation when the child listens and automatically agrees with everything, but in fact all his thoughts are about something else.

Step 4

Try to make eye contact with your child during the conversation. If the child begins to look away and look around and into the clouds, you can return him "to his place" with a light touch.

Step 5

To help your child learn the school material better, ask him to retell what he learned to a family member. The best way to learn new things is to tell the other person.

Step 6

Help your child relax and put their fantasy out on paper.

Step 7

Parents also need to understand that frequent physical and psychological stress leads to a decrease in performance. Therefore, you should not burden your child.

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