How To Punish A 12 Year Old Child

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How To Punish A 12 Year Old Child
How To Punish A 12 Year Old Child

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Adolescence is often the most difficult time in raising a child. After all, children at this age are especially prone to commit various unseemly acts that should entail fair retribution.

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Difficult choice

The issue of punishing a child for a misdemeanor is not easy for parents. After all, it is absolutely impossible not to react in any way - impunity gives rise only to impunity. It's too late to put a 12-year-old in the corner. The main thing in any punishment is that a 12-year-old teenager is not just afraid to repeat an unseemly act, because he will be deprived of material benefits, the main thing is the awareness of the harm done.

If your teen, for example, hits someone or calls someone a name, get them to publicly apologize. It's good if it happens in class or on the street in front of everyone. In addition, parents should calmly and thoroughly explain that they cannot offend others, especially if the person is weaker.

It will be effective if you send the prankster to walk alone, and not with friends, justifying this by the fact that if he cannot walk with friends, because he does not find a common language, then let him walk alone. This is a very powerful way. Communication with peers is important for 12-year-olds.

Perhaps the most common punishment among parents is the punishment of children in the form of deprivation of something meaningful and pocket money. As for limiting access to a computer, using the Internet and watching your favorite TV shows, this turns out to be effective. But it is not worth depriving money. Nor should a child be encouraged to learn and do housework "for money."

A delinquent child may not be allowed on a school trip or not take a picnic with his parents. Instead of having fun, give him the chores he can do. 12 years is the same age when a teenager needs to be involved in household chores.

The main thing is the unity of the approach

In matters of punishment, all family members must adhere to the same policy. It's no secret that often one parent punishes, and the other immediately makes concessions. Or parents punish, and grandparents smooth over the punishment. Such situations teach children, especially adolescents at the age of 12-13, to maneuver between relatives and manipulate them. So, first of all, consent must be between adults.

A teenager aged 12-13 should be taught to solve problems without fists and insults, in a rational way. If you are unable to do something, and the problem has not been eliminated, then it would not be superfluous to contact a psychologist. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a 12-year-old teenager may simply not perceive the words of his parents, but he will listen to the assessment of his actions from the outside.

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