How Can You Adopt A Child Under One Year Old

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How Can You Adopt A Child Under One Year Old
How Can You Adopt A Child Under One Year Old

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The number of childless families is growing every year. People, hoping for a miracle, stand in an endless queue to see healers and the relics of saints. It helps someone. But what should families do that do not have children? Just adopt. Of course, this is a big responsibility, but you can give your baby a full-fledged family, love and affection. Most often, couples want to take on the upbringing of a child up to one year old. Such a small age of the child allows a woman to fully feel like a mother. And the baby himself does not remember anything from his past life.

How can you adopt a child under one year old
How can you adopt a child under one year old


Step 1

Contact the guardianship and guardianship authorities of your place of residence and submit an application. You should discuss all issues with a specialist: the child's age, external data, his habits and behavior patterns.

Step 2

Tell us about your financial situation, health, the possibility of adoption. You will be asked questions about the consent of your spouse and others living with you. The specialist will assess your psychological readiness for such a step. You will be given a list of documents that you will need to bring.

Step 3

Provide the following list of documents: - a certificate from the place of work with an indication of the position and salary or a copy of the income declaration; - a short biography; - a certificate from the internal affairs bodies confirming the absence of a criminal record and offenses; - an extract of their house book from the place of residence or a document confirming ownership of the dwelling; - a copy of your financial personal account and marriage certificate (if you are married); - a medical report on your state of health.

Step 4

Within 7 days, the guardianship and trusteeship authorities check the accuracy of the submitted papers and living conditions. If everything suits them, then you are put on the line. Next comes the selection of candidates at the place of residence.

Step 5

As soon as a matching child appears in the database, you will be invited to a meeting. They will show you a photo, tell you about the baby. If you like him, they will arrange a meeting with him. Otherwise, you will have to wait further.

Step 6

Apply to the court at the place of residence or location of the child with a request for adoption. Attach a number of documents about yourself (above) and about the baby to the application. The court considers the request within 2 months, holds a hearing on the case and makes a decision.

Step 7

With the court's decision and the child's documents, contact the registry office for his registration.

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