What Can You Talk To A Guy About

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What Can You Talk To A Guy About
What Can You Talk To A Guy About

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Girls communicate with guys in different ways. Someone easily finds common topics for conversation with them, and someone is lost in conjectures, not knowing what to talk about with a guy, and what not.

What can you talk to a guy about
What can you talk to a guy about

Chatting with a stranger

You are very lucky if a young man himself takes the initiative in communication, finds topics for conversation, amazing the girls with his outlook and intellect. But this is not always the case. And finding the right words is sometimes very difficult.

However, there are certain topics that do not commit both of you to anything. First of all, this is music, the film industry. You share your tastes. If you recently met a guy, try asking him about your favorite movies.

When you get an answer to your question, try not to criticize the young man's tastes. Ideally, there will be at least a partial overlap of the genres you both prefer.

In addition, you can talk about the young man's pastime, about his hobbies. Tell him about your hobbies too. It is possible that interests will be similar, and you will find common topics of conversation.

Even if your interlocutor says something not very interesting, in your opinion, try not to show it openly to him. You need to listen to him. Always be tactful in your questions. Another taboo topic is never tell a stranger about your past personal life. It doesn't matter if you communicate with him face to face or just decided to write him a message on a social network. There is no need to share intimate things with strangers.

If suddenly the conversation has reached a dead end, you can recall a couple of jokes. Humor always comes to the rescue in such situations.

Communication when meeting with a well-known young man

If you have known each other for a long time, it will undoubtedly be easier for you to find common topics of conversation. You are no longer so shy in communication, you know the range of interests of your interlocutor, his preferences. There are personal topics that concern only the two of you.

During your acquaintance, you probably have common friends, common interests, you will have something to remember from the latest events.

It is necessary to ask how the young man's day went. Treat him the way you would like him to treat you. This golden rule will allow you to avoid many conflicts. This will make it clear that you are not indifferent to him.

If your young man has temporary difficulties in life (for example, problems with study), try to help him. But in no case impose your opinion on him. Conversely, if you need advice, ask him for it. There is a certain range of issues that guys are better at, and their advice can be very helpful.

In any case, listen to your inner voice, it will tell you the right topics for conversation.

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