How To Explain To A Child What The Wind Is

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How To Explain To A Child What The Wind Is
How To Explain To A Child What The Wind Is

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Wind is the movement of layers of air from areas of high pressure to areas of reduced pressure. The highest pressure is in the area where the temperature is higher. It is sometimes difficult to understand the causes of the wind, even for an adult, let alone a child.

How to explain to a child what the wind is
How to explain to a child what the wind is


Step 1

Children actively observe the world around them and see the trees swaying. They sense cold as receptors in the skin when the wind blows. A gradual habituation to the wind as a common phenomenon is included in the mechanism of natural adaptation. In principle, the child can eventually figure out what the wind is, but if you want to speed up the process, rely on the child's imagery. It is unlikely that a child will understand complex scientific paradigms, because he is not yet capable of abstract constructions.

Step 2

Fairy tales play a key role in raising kids. When telling fairy tales to your kid, forget about the theory of relativity, everything should be unambiguous in your story: good and evil, light and darkness, joy and sadness. Compare the wind to the cry of a huge invisible sorcerer who commands the weather. Draw analogies with other life phenomena: the flight of birds, travel to distant countries, avalanches.

Step 3

When walking in windy weather, draw the child's attention to what is happening around. Leaves come off the ground, your ears howl, and you have to overcome air resistance on the way. Tell us about the strength and speed of the wind. Point out that the movement of air masses is so spontaneous that it involves other objects. Form in the child figurative associations between wind and sun, water, sky, rain.

Step 4

To visually show your kid the nature of the wind, take a plastic cup and make a small hole in it. Fill the glass with liquid to the brim. Naturally, the liquid will begin to flow out of the hole outside the container. Explain to your child that the glass was cramped and heavy, so the liquid “ran away” in search of happiness and a better life.

Step 5

Compare the wind to human breath. Show your child that a person can create a semblance of wind when they exhale. Demonstrate "pushing" the exhaled air out of the mouth, suggest that the baby also try to play in the wind. Air movement can also cause hand or towel waving.

Step 6

Tell your child about the scientific explanation for what the wind is and why it blows. Do not worry if the kid does not immediately appreciate that he is being introduced to such a sacred knowledge. In the subconscious mind, your story will probably be postponed, and in the future the child will perceive the same information as familiar and understandable for a long time.

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