How To Explain Electricity To A Child

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How To Explain Electricity To A Child
How To Explain Electricity To A Child
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Starting from the age of three, your baby seeks to expand his horizons and ideas about the surrounding objects as much as possible. Very often, not harmless things, such as electric current, attract his attention. In this case, you need to clearly explain to the child what is the essence of this mysterious phenomenon and how it can be dangerous.

How to explain electricity to a child
How to explain electricity to a child

It is necessary

  • - 9 volt battery;
  • - 12 volt light bulb.


Step 1

Lead your baby to a power outlet and wires. Tell him that hardworking bees fly over them, who are constantly working. It is thanks to their efforts that we can light the house, watch TV, use the refrigerator and washing machine. You cannot interfere with the bees, otherwise they can sting painfully.

Step 2

For greater clarity, conduct the following experiment, all the actions of which are constantly monitored. Tell your child that you can show him how very small bees sting. Take a 9 volt battery and have your toddler place it on the tip of your tongue. Explain to your child that the burning sensation he experienced is the sting of those same "electric" bees. Explain to him that if he tries to repeat such actions without a battery, the bees will get very angry and sting much more.

Step 3

This can be demonstrated with a light bulb. Take a 12 volt light bulb and plug it into an electrical outlet. Naturally, it will immediately burn out, and black soot spots will remain on the inside of the glass. Explain to your child that these are bees that have gotten free and are very angry because they have been forced to work uselessly.

Step 4

Also, do not forget to follow basic safety rules. Do not leave electrical appliances plugged in unnecessarily, especially if the child is alone in the room. The sockets must be equipped with a special turning mechanism or covered with fuse caps. If possible, avoid using extension cords that will certainly attract the child's attention. Be sure to explain to the kid that for any sign of a malfunction of electrical appliances or wiring (for example, when sparks and crackling appear), you cannot touch anything with your hands, but you need to urgently call adults for help.

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