How To Teach A First Grader To Read

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How To Teach A First Grader To Read
How To Teach A First Grader To Read

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There are various methods of teaching children to read. The most effective way is not just to make the child remember the letters, but to turn learning into a fun process that would not cause rejection in the child.

How to teach a first grader to read
How to teach a first grader to read

It is necessary

  • - cards with letters,
  • - book


Step 1

Explain to your child what the reading is for. Explain that books give you the opportunity to travel to different worlds, that with their help you can experience adventures. Motivate him with any method available to you, in a pinch, even an exchange like this: you learn to read, and I buy you a toy.

Step 2

Start by learning the letters, with the child knowing both the name of the letter and how it should be read. For example, the letter "B" is called "bh", and is read only as the sound "b". Make cards with colorful beautiful letters, so you better use the mechanisms of the child's visual memory.

Step 3

After the letters have been passed, you should proceed to the study of syllables. The principle is the same - write the syllables on the cards. You should start with the simplest ones: "ma", "me" and others.

Step 4

If you see that the child has memorized the first ten syllables, start forming words from them. At first, don't use more than two simple syllables together. Try to associate each syllable in the child with some image or concept - this way you use associative memory, which, unlike visual, allows you to activate a long memory and remember the syllable forever. So, "pa" is a movement performed by a ballerina. Show the relevant picture.

Step 5

After your toddler has mastered this part of the learning process, try giving him long words of three or more syllables. Don't rush it. Use pictures for clarity.

Step 6

The last step is to have your child read the book. Start with poetry and simple little stories. Ask your child to read aloud: firstly, this will make it easier for him, and secondly, you need to learn how to pronounce the text being read. Once he starts reading relatively smoothly, start working on expressive reading.

Step 7

Always ask questions about the text and the meaning of difficult words, so the child will expand vocabulary and learn to retell the essence of what he read.

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