What Stationery Is Needed For A First Grader

What Stationery Is Needed For A First Grader
What Stationery Is Needed For A First Grader

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Every year, on the first day of autumn, the lives of hundreds of thousands of children completely change. Psychologists say that this event is more important than many others for a person. The child perceives the purchase of all the necessary supplies for the school as an exciting game. High-quality, bright and functional stationery will help the first grader to enter a new life easier.

What stationery is needed for a first grader
What stationery is needed for a first grader

The first grader needs several notebooks in a ruler and a cage, 12 and 18 sheets. At school, you will need to find out which ruler you need, oblique or regular. Try to choose bright and beautiful covers, listen to your child's requests in this regard. It will be more interesting for a junior pupil to write in a beautiful notebook.

A first grader cannot do without a sketchbook. For a change, you can buy two thin albums, but it is advisable to purchase one with a large number of sheets. To prevent the "picture storage" from wrinkling, buy a special folder, it should also be bright and beautiful. You can replace the album with a set of blank A4 sheets.

Buy everything you need to paint. A first grade student will need a set of brushes of different sizes, a glass of water, a palette, crayons and pencils, felt-tip pens, pastels and paints.

You will need colored and white cardboard and paper for labor lessons. Open the package and look at the surface of the sheets, it should be slightly rough for better adhesion. Glossy paper is only suitable for crafts that don't need glue.

Responsibly approach the choice of scissors. They must have a good cutting surface so that the child does not experience difficulties when working. Dull scissors can spoil the material, but a first grader needs a rounded tip to protect himself from injury.

In the first class, you cannot do without high-quality glue. There are several types of options on sale: a tube of liquid and a pencil. The pencil is more convenient to use and cannot be accidentally spilled, but standard PVA sticks better and more reliably.

You cannot do without covers for notebooks and textbooks, a stand, an eraser, a sharpener, a ruler and a set of pens. Check the serviceability and reliability of all these items in the store itself.

In creativity lessons, items such as oilcloth, sculpting boards, special sleeves and an apron can be useful. You can't do without plasticine, but choose packaging with modern material that leaves your child's hands clean.

A pencil case is a very important item for a first grader. It should be roomy enough, securely and easily closed.

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