How To Choose A Backpack For A First Grader

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How To Choose A Backpack For A First Grader
How To Choose A Backpack For A First Grader

The first year at school is a crucial moment not only for the child, but also for the parents. The latter need to competently approach the choice of school uniforms and textbooks, as well as a backpack. Getting a thing that suits your child is not as easy as it seems. So how do you choose a backpack for a first grader?

How to choose a backpack for a first grader
How to choose a backpack for a first grader

Before talking about how to choose a school backpack for a first grader, you should determine what exactly needs to be purchased. Parents and their children say that they need a backpack, satchel, briefcase. Moreover, for them there is no difference between these items. However, there is also a significant difference.

The backpack is a comfortable padded bag with two shoulder straps. The item has several compartments of different sizes. There may also be models with additional external and internal pockets. The correct backpack should distribute the load evenly across your back, not your shoulders.

A satchel is a rigid bag that has a square or rectangular shape. He, like a backpack, is worn on a dog. The main advantage of the knapsack is that it keeps its shape. Thanks to this, the objects in the knapsack will not interfere with the child while the bag is on him. However, this is also a disadvantage, since the capacity of the backpacks is much less than that of the same backpack. In addition, empty satchels weigh between 1 and 3 kg due to their complex design.

A briefcase is a small bag that can be either soft or rigid, and has one shoulder strap. Therefore, it can only be worn on one shoulder. This can cause spinal curvature. Also, a very limited number of things are placed in standard portfolios.

School backpack for a first grader: selection criteria

Based on the above information, we can conclude that of all bags, a backpack will be the most optimal choice for a first grader. On the market you can find various manufacturers of this type of goods. There are even special orthopedic backpacks for first graders. Their main task is to form the correct posture in the child.

Even if there is no need for an orthopedic backpack for a child, when choosing a bag, you should still give preference to those products that have an orthopedic back. This element will reduce pressure on the spine, which will lighten the weight of the bag.

In addition, when buying a backpack, you should pay attention to:

  • main elements (straps, bottom);
  • material of manufacture;
  • bag weight;
  • quality of production.

Of the main elements, you need to pay attention to the straps. They must be strong enough, securely sewn to the main body of the bag. You should not buy a backpack for a student if the straps are tight and bite into the shoulders.

Do not bypass the bottom of the bag. It must be solid. Otherwise, books and other supplies will pull the backpack to the ground.

If we talk about the material of the bag, then most of the backpacks are made of polyester. It is strong enough and durable and is inferior only to natural leather, but you need to think about whether it is worth choosing a school backpack for a first grader from this material.

As for the weight of the backpack, together with all things, it should not exceed 1.5 kg. Otherwise, the bag will lead to pain, damage to the body and its abnormal development.

The material of manufacture must be resistant to abrasion and be easy to clean from most stains and dirt. The backpack should not have a strong smell. This indicates the toxicity and toxicity of the thing.

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