How To Treat A Cough In A 6 Month Old Baby

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How To Treat A Cough In A 6 Month Old Baby
How To Treat A Cough In A 6 Month Old Baby
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Young children often catch colds or develop infectious diseases accompanied by a cough. If a six-month-old baby suffers from a cough, then in no case should one self-medicate. Only a doctor can prescribe a drug and determine its dosage.

How to treat a cough in a 6 month old baby
How to treat a cough in a 6 month old baby


Step 1

Treatment for a cough in a six-month-old child should be aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease, and not at extinguishing the symptom. To alleviate the condition of a small patient, you can use several techniques.

Step 2

If the cough is caused by bronchitis, then more often take the baby in your arms and pat him on the back, this will help clear the bronchi. Water your baby more often, the liquid removes toxins from the body and liquefies phlegm. For bronchitis, children are usually prescribed antibiotics, antihistamines, and expectorant medicines.

Step 3

If a six-month-old child has a cough against the background of acute respiratory diseases, then a decoction of mother-and-stepmother, plantain juice, anise fruit extract can be used as an expectorant. Do not forget that all new products (including medicinal decoctions) should be given to the child, starting with small trial doses to make sure that there is no allergy. But these funds serve only as auxiliary ones, and one should not limit treatment only to folk recipes. The action of decoctions of medicinal herbs has a short-term period of action, and an increase in the number of doses will contribute to the appearance of excess phlegm, which the body of a small child cannot cope with on its own.

Step 4

As the main remedy for the treatment of cough in acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections, children are usually prescribed "Acetylcysteine" or "Ambraxol". These funds have the property of thinning phlegm, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. Which drug should be taken in your particular case and in what dosages, will be determined by your doctor.

Step 5

For the complex treatment of cough in six-month-old children, it is recommended to use at home and light massage of the chest area. This action will help to improve the discharge of phlegm.

Step 6

Massage with light movements, stroking clockwise, combine with tapping and patting movements. Massage reflex zones (eg feet) as well. The effectiveness of the massage can be increased by applying herbal balm "Bronchicum" or "Doctor IOM".

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