How To Bring Back The Girl Who Hates Me

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How To Bring Back The Girl Who Hates Me
How To Bring Back The Girl Who Hates Me

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Love relationships sometimes resemble a fairy tale. But often such disagreements arise between a girl and a guy that lead not only to parting, but also to real hatred. But what if one of the couple not only could not hate, but also did not stop loving? You can return love, but you have to try hard.

How to bring back the girl who hates me
How to bring back the girl who hates me


Step 1

If there is only one step from love to hate, then there should be only one step in the opposite direction. Consider everything that happened between you. Why did you break up? Surely, you did something stupid and offended your beloved to the core. Now it's time to sort things out and put everything in its place.

Step 2

Try to persuade her to meet with you. Take her to a nice, cozy restaurant. Present flowers. Compliment. Try to make her laugh a little so that she is not so negative towards you. Start talking about your relationship. Apologize sincerely for anything you did wrong. Convince her that this will not happen again in the future, tell her that you can learn from your mistakes.

Step 3

Tell your loved one how much you miss. Confess your love. Say whatever you think can help you get her back. The main thing is not to lie. If she senses even a shadow of a lie in your words, you are lost.

Step 4

If the lady of your heart is seriously against you, apologies and declarations of love alone will not be enough. Give her a gift. Girls love surprises. The gift must be made from the heart. It must be something very beautiful and romantic.

Step 5

Present your gift in its original form. For example, climb to her balcony with a huge bouquet of flowers. Let someone serenade her downstairs. Or put the word "love" or "sorry" in front of her window with floating candles. Light them and, while they are burning, call her and ask her to look out of the window.

Step 6

Make it clear to your beloved that you cannot imagine your life without her. If you are sure that your love is mutual, but she cannot forgive you in any way, go even further. If you need a girl under any circumstances, go for it! Choose the most beautiful gold ring and propose to her. This will be a completely new page in your life, everything that happened before will simply be forgotten and will become a thing of the past.

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