Boy Or Girl: Who Chooses Whom?

Boy Or Girl: Who Chooses Whom?
Boy Or Girl: Who Chooses Whom?

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Girls are now being brought up in traditions that are in many ways close to the male traditions of upbringing, which naturally affects their worldview, self-awareness and, of course, manifests itself in behavior.

Man or woman: who chooses whom?
Man or woman: who chooses whom?

Let's try to figure out what really happens when a man and a woman meet.

To begin with, a very strange situation can be encountered now. For example, several girls may curl around a certain young man and try to win his "hand and heart". He also feels in the role of a prince, after whom all the girls are chasing. Alas, this is not so uncommon, especially in younger years.

Let's think, where does such a strange behavior model for girls come from and what is it fraught with?

The fact is that girls are now being brought up in traditions that are in many ways close to the male traditions of upbringing, which naturally affects their worldview, self-awareness and, of course, manifests itself at the level of behavior.

The traditional female model of upbringing has been largely lost and one of the most important components that form the female essence has been lost. This is a sense of its uniqueness and value.

Now a woman is presented to many as a human being, simply different in sex from a man. At the same time, everything else should be the same for them: the same thoughts, the same values, the same aspirations and priorities, etc.

This is a serious mistake that leads to, I'm not afraid of this word, unnatural situations when girls run after young people.

This is the trouble of modern society, because this state of affairs simply distorts both the female and male nature.

Let's see how this happens.

What is the masculine nature and essence?

The nature of a man is always active action, it is struggle, overcoming resistance, self-improvement and personal growth. A man personifies a strength that is aimed at overcoming himself, at improving his qualities and at "conquering" the world.

Feminine nature is a kind of passivity. By nature, a woman does not need to achieve something, actively strive to conquer something, gain or take possession of something (we are not talking now about knowledge and self-development). Any active actions of a woman aimed at transforming the external world can be considered a deviation from the true feminine essence.

What do we get from these premises? We get the following picture: if a woman herself takes active actions aimed at capturing the attention and heart of a man, then she harms both herself and the man.

In this case, there is an obvious violation: the active masculine principle shows passive traits, taking attention from women and being in the position of “choosing”. The feminine principle, whose nature is passive, on the contrary, performs masculine functions, i.e. actively affects the outside world. This is fundamentally wrong, and this is the reason that there are so many feminine men and masculine women now.

It is the active trying on of the nature of the other biological sex that leads to the beginning of a restructuring of both thinking and self-awareness.

The first thing that every girl and woman must always remember is that in no case should she fight for a man using persistent male methods. Even if you have strong sympathy for a man or a young man, even if it seems to you that he is the one and only wonderful prince with whom you are doomed to eternal happiness) - still do not. You don't have to come to work and bring lunch in a plastic container.No need to call him 3 times every hour throughout the day and ask how he is doing (if you really want to, call 1 time - that's quite enough). No need to write another string of SMS with all sorts of affection. No need to pick him up from work. by car and bring home.

Girls, come to your senses! You don't have to run after a man and try to please him in everything - by doing this you simply relax the man, and he loses his masculine perseverance, purposefulness and desire to improve. Always remember that such actions will lead to the wrong development of relations, as a result of which you will more and more fulfill a male role, and he will more and more a female one.

Do you need it? You wanted a relationship with a man so that he would take care of you, protect, help you, support you in difficult times, right? You do not want him to turn into a domestic puppy, which lies on a soft pillow, drinks milk, and whose whole function is to ensure that you are not bored? That's not what you are trying to achieve, is it?

Great, then don't use a male model of behavior, otherwise very soon you will switch roles, and your relationship will come apart at all seams. And you just wanted to show care and attention, thinking that this is for the best …

Not only is the “chasing” model fatal when building relationships, it’s fatal even when you’re already married. In the case, when you are just in search, it is inadmissible in any form. So you personally let the man understand that you are removing obligations and responsibility for the development of relations from him and taking it into your own hands.

Men, being creatures not always intelligent, are likely to have nothing against such an approach, however, you will not wait for serious actions from them. Moreover, if you take very much care of a man with whom you are not yet connected by marriage, then this will almost certainly lead to the fact that he will turn into an exploiter and a consumer.

You showed him a working model: you try and do almost everything for him. In response, he does not need to try. Those. you yourself have established such "rules of the game" in which you yourself and then the man are the losers.

You can write a separate article about how this happens in detail, but the main thing that you need to remember is that you should not "hunt" for a man, but he should seek your hand and everything else. He should call you and ask how you are doing. He should write you love sms with affection. He should pick you up in a car and bring you home.

These actions put everything in their place: a woman reveals her nature, allowing a man to take care of herself and take care of herself, and a man - his own: achieving, achieving and making active efforts.

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