Childbirth By "calculation" - How Do You Know Whether A Boy Or A Girl Will Be Born?

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Childbirth By "calculation" - How Do You Know Whether A Boy Or A Girl Will Be Born?
Childbirth By "calculation" - How Do You Know Whether A Boy Or A Girl Will Be Born?

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From the moment when it is already known for sure that a man and a woman will soon become parents, they will certainly want to know the gender of their long-awaited baby. For such cases, even in ancient times, they came up with ways to obtain information about who will be born in the family.

Childbirth by
Childbirth by

Traditional methods

The very first way to determine the sex of a child was the "hammer and ax method." On the night before conception, one of the parents put an ax under the pillow to give birth to a girl, and a hammer to give birth to a boy. Today this method can be called very dangerous and unacceptable for determining or predicting the sex of a baby.

In Russia, the method of sex determination by a wedding ring was widespread. A pregnant woman held a wedding ring on a suspension above her palm, and it began to move. By the nature of the movements of the ring, the sex of the future child was determined. The circular movements of the ring corresponded to the female sex, the lateral movements to the male.

Czech psychiatrist Eugen Ionas proposed his own method for determining sex - by the position of the moon in the zodiacal signs at the time of conception. If the moon is in an air or fire sign, a boy will be born, otherwise a girl.

There are frequent references to the key method. This method works if the family finds a key with a round head and a long leg, puts it on the table, and a pregnant woman comes up and grabs one of the parts of the key. If the woman in labor has lifted the key by the round part, there will be a girl, if by the leg, there will be a boy.

There is a way to determine the sex of the child by the age of the expectant mother at the time of conception. Calculated in stages. The number 19 is subtracted from the number of full years, then the estimated month of birth is added. January is 1, February is 2, and so on. Having calculated, they estimate the result - if the number is even, wait for a girl, an odd one - for a boy.

Modern methods

More reliable methods based on modern technologies, for example, using a blood group. For this, the blood type of a man and a woman - future parents - is determined. Information about the Rh factor is important. If the parents both have the first blood group, with any Rh factor, they will have a girl. It will also be if they both have a second blood group, third or fourth. But if their blood groups do not match, then it is most likely that a boy will be born, but here you also need to more carefully study the ratio of Rh factors.

It is known that Y-sperm (i.e. male) are much more sensitive to low temperatures than X-sperm. Based on this, cooling or warming is used to obtain the desired sex of the child.

There is another way to determine gender by blood. It is known that blood has the property of a gradual renewal. For men, this renewal occurs once every four years, for women - once every three years. Therefore, if dad's blood refreshed later than mom's, expect a boy, and vice versa.

The most reliable method is ultrasound (ultrasound). When the gestational age is more than twenty-three weeks, then at the scheduled ultrasound scan, you can ask a doctor about the sex of the child. During this period, the baby is very mobile and, most likely, will reveal the riddle of who he is.

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