How Effective Are Pick-up Techniques?

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How Effective Are Pick-up Techniques?
How Effective Are Pick-up Techniques?

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Pickup is a technique developed for young people seeking to win as many girls as possible. As a result, the fair sex is abandoned and deceived. However, how effective the pickup techniques are a few years after the emergence of this doctrine remains to be understood.

The goal of a pickup truck is to seduce a girl
The goal of a pickup truck is to seduce a girl

Methods of winning girls by pickups are based on the effect of surprise, the confidence of a young man, his stormy confessions to a beautiful lady in love at first sight. The faster the seduction of the fair sex occurs, the more successful the adherent of this teaching is. However, there are several factors that reduce the effectiveness of pickup techniques.

Woman's intuition

Subconsciously, a person is able to feel when his interlocutor is not sincere. A liar and a hypocrite can be betrayed by his gestures, intonation, facial expressions. The brain sends signals that the matter is unclean.

A person feels uncomfortable and insecure around someone who is lying to him.

In addition to everything, women have a very developed intuition. With some natural instinct, a girl can understand that in front of her is a deceiver, an insidious seducer, who has only one, far from noble goal in communicating with her.

Bitter experience

Previously seduced girls are unlikely to fall for the pickup again. In addition, information about the methods of work of pick-up artists has been leaked to the media, and few people are unaware of their tricks.

Since pick-up schools are predominantly based on only a few strategies, basic phrases, they are not difficult to recognize in order to protect themselves from manipulation in the future.

Deliberate eye contact, constant touching, endless compliments, strange accidents, too early confessions should alert women.

Personal preferences

Do not forget that the behavior and presentation of the guy himself is not all. Some of the fair sex have formed certain stereotypes of men that might interest them. Pickupers, despite all their manipulations, may simply not be to the liking of their potential victims.

And if we ignore the external attributes, do not forget that such persistent behavior, like that of a pick-up artist, may not please every girl. To seduce a certain person, a pickup artist should carefully study her preferences and work on himself to match them. But he has neither the time, nor the desire, nor the opportunities for this. Therefore, the pick-up's luck can be considered accidental.

Mutual agreement

Those girls who want to be deceived are deceived. Why not admit that some seduced women deliberately go for a short relationship with a pickup artist, perfectly understanding the situation.

It is quite possible that some of the fair sex was caught just in the right period of his life. In addition, there are girls who do not attach much importance to such fleeting relationships and welcome them.

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