How To Motivate Your Child To Study

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How To Motivate Your Child To Study
How To Motivate Your Child To Study

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Unfortunately, not all children want and love to learn. Laziness, fatigue, loss of interest are just some of the reasons for poor academic performance. The task of the parents is to motivate the child to study and convince him that studying is not only necessary, but also interesting.

How to motivate your child to study
How to motivate your child to study

Let's play school

For the youngest students, especially first graders, school is a new stage in life. For some it is an interesting adventure, while for others it is a real stress. Therefore, it is better to teach kids at the initial stage in a playful way. For example, numbers can be learned with a fun song, and your favorite fairytale hero can tell you about geometric shapes. Now on the Internet you can find many educational videos in an easy game form. However, you should not resort to them on an ongoing basis, after all, the child should gradually get used to the school routine and discipline. Supplementary materials help in study well and make it more interesting: counting sticks, "smart coloring" and puzzles.


Parents' opinion is very important for children. For some students, the sincere interest of relatives and praise for grades and achievements is enough. Other children need material rewards and motivational goals. For example, parents may promise to buy the desired item (phone, bicycle, toy) for a well-finished quarter. There are families that practice cash rewards for positive grades. This is a very dangerous practice, since there is a possibility of raising a person who values ​​material wealth above moral values.

Bad comparisons

Many psychologists are adamantly opposed to comparing a child with other, more successful children. This has its own logic. A less successful student from constant comparisons not in his favor can "close", become insecure, and sometimes irritable and even aggressive.

But making the right comparisons is a big motivational boost to development. Take as an example a successful scientist, athlete, writer, musician, or public figure. Explain to your child that their idol has achieved success through work, good study and self-development. Let him strive for his goal, and study will be an important step on the way to the top.

Parent example

The most important motivation in every child's life is his parents. It is the family that forms the little man, his moral guidelines, values ​​and priorities.

Before demanding diligent study from children, parents should "look at themselves from the outside", whether they are hardworking and purposeful people. Only a personal example will inspire a child to achieve. No conversations and suggestions will give such an effect as a living example before your eyes.

The main thing is to love your children and believe in them. Parental support and genuine involvement will help children overcome any difficulties and succeed.

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