7 Tips For Choosing A Safe Baby Toy

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7 Tips For Choosing A Safe Baby Toy
7 Tips For Choosing A Safe Baby Toy

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Keeping the child safe is one of the main tasks for every parent. It will not be possible to take everything into account right away - you need experience.

7 tips for choosing a safe baby toy
7 tips for choosing a safe baby toy

Thousands upon thousands of new play sets to help develop your child arrive every year in store windows. Are they all safe? Let's figure it out.

For a small child to understand the objects around him, everything needs to be pulled into his mouth and tasted. And no matter how vigilant the parents are, it is almost impossible to keep track, and, unfortunately, accidents occur.

To prevent them even at the stage of choosing toys for the baby, exclude those that, even purely hypothetically, can harm children.

Tips to help you choose a safe toy for your child

Tip 1. Choose age-appropriate play sets

Games are tailor-made for every age group, so don't be tempted to pick just any colorful trinket. Age limits really help to ensure safety and help with the acquisition of the right skills at this stage of development.

Tip 2. Pay attention to the size of the product

Avoid toys that are too small for a child, because babies pull everything into their mouths and can accidentally swallow them or block their airways. The same goes for products that have detachable small parts. Children can easily choke on them.

Tip 3. Avoid loud toys

Playing modules that are too loud can damage your child's hearing. You should not risk so much buying powerful, emitting harsh sounds, sirens, tweeters, musical sets.

Tip 4. Buy washable toys

Toys should be washed as often as possible. Children throw them, then lick them. Microbes accumulate on them, from which you can get sick. So, whatever the material, toys must be washable.

Tip 5. Choose durable toys

Happy from the newly acquired toy, the child will definitely try to hit it, throw it, tear it, break it, pull it. Make sure that the toy does not break so easily and that the baby cannot be injured by parts and sharp edges.

Tip 6: Avoid Electrical Game Modules

Or rather, let the kids play with them under supervision. Do not allow them to gnaw, throw, knock, sleep with them. Damaging the case or your child just trying to put it in their mouth can cause a short circuit, which is very dangerous.

Tip 7. No toxic toys

Products made from cheap materials, containing low-quality dyes, containing poisonous plastic and rubber, are very toxic and dangerous for children. There is a high probability of the presence of hazardous substances in them: phthalates, lead, formaldehyde. Please make sure there is no strong unpleasant smell before purchasing. Rub the paint, it should not smudge or stay on your hands. If possible, check the license of such a game set.


When buying toys for children, always throw away the plastic cover, even if it is fun to play with, it can be dangerous. Check them from time to time for wear and broken parts. Wash and disinfect them as often as possible.

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